NYX Matte Lip Colour Sampling – Row 3

In case you missed Part 1 and 2 of this 3 day series:


My giveaway prize from YouTube’s Chelbaeee https://youtu.be/L-xiaGEeDjY



Row 1 colour swatches.



Row 2 colour swatches.

Today’s post shows off the final row of this vault of lip colour:




1. Budapest. 2. Havana. 3. Madrid  4. San Juan


5. Vancouver. 6. Seoul  7. Moscow. 8. Rome


9. Manila. 10. Dubai. 11. Bangkok. 12. Los Angeles

So there you have it; around the world with NYX soft matte lip creams! Which of these colours in the final row appeals to you? Check out my YouTube channel for my giveaway reveal http://youtube.com/c/PrettyPlusandProud searching under my video list for the title “I Won a Giveaway“.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud playing with colour whether it’s in makeup, a new dress or scarf, hair colour or pair of glasses. Wearing something bright cheers you up, helps you feel confident and lets the world know you are worthy of some notice!


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