A Fluffy Post

When I am feeling sad or lonely and my people aren’t around I know I can always count on Maggie! She’s our 11 year old shi-poo and has been such a blessing to our family!

Is she perfect? Well, in our eyes she is but she is vocal which can irritate at times but she’s usually noisy when there’s a perceived threat to her family or she wants something like food, a walk, a treat or a belly rub.

She’s a loving girl and very sensitive to the needs of her family, always ready with puppy kisses to brighten the day. Pets are the ones you can always depend on to not judge how you look, what you do, what you wear or what you say. Unlike people they don’t expect a lot, just love, food and walks.

So if you’re feeling down or insecure about yourself, then snuggle with your furry friends or visit the local pet store for your dose of pet therapy.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and shower your furry family members with the love and attention they deserve for being your faithful companion!

Maggie ❤

The Liebster Award Nomination!

WHAT?! Yes it’s true!!! Fellow blogger “MATT AND HIS CATS” has nominated me and my blog for the Liebster Award! Little newbie me! Thanks Matt! I’m deeply honored that you would choose me and so very grateful for your support as well as the support of so many wonderful bloggers who have chosen to follow me.

I’ve been asked to answer the following questions, nominate fellow bloggers and then state 10 facts about myself so here goes:

1. My favourite film and why?

My favourite film of all time is “The Sound of Music”. I watch every Christmas and never tire of it. I love the music, the acting but most of all its message of hope and triumph over great adversity; very inspiring!

2. Are you looking forward to the next five years and why?

Yes because I have great plans for this blog and my support group. I’m excited to see where this journey will take me.

3. Are you a cat person or a dog person? 

I used to be an avid cat person with two beautiful long hair tabby cats. Also grew up with a cat for a family pet. Then about 6 years ago my last cat died and my daughter asked for a dog. I relented and our shihpoo Maggie entered our lives. Now I’m a dog person. She’s brought so much joy to our little family and I wouldn’t trade her for anything!

4. What is your favourite book? 

That’s a hard one as I read a lot!! I guess if I had to choose it would be Jodi Picoult’s “My Sister’s Keeper”. I like the way her books talk about some hard moral questions and the end of her books are always very unexpected.

5. If you were dropped in any fictional world/place where would you love to go for a 7 day holiday? 

Okay, this is probably going to sound silly but I pick Cinderella after she meets the Prince. I’m not picking this because I need to be rescued by a prince (I can take care of myself and besides I’m already married to my prince). I pick it because let’s face it ladies, who wouldn’t want to live in a castle, wear fancy ball gowns and get waited on hand and foot. Superficial I know but it is just a fairytale, lol!

6. Are you a marathon person or watch it when its on person, when it comes to T.V.? 

Depending on the show. If it’s a current show I’ll watch it while it’s on but if it’s an older show that I may have missed then I may do a marathon. Just finished a two day marathon of a show on Netflix called “The Hundred”. Another one I’ll watch several shows in a row is “Dr. Who”. Currently on Season 7.

7. Is your relaxing environment chaotic or organized? 

Well, I’d like it to be more organized but alas it isn’t always so. A family home with a teenager, a dog and a wonderfully disorganized husband can’t possibly be anything but somewhat chaotic but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

8. Tea or coffee? 

Neither. I like an herbal tea at bed but that’s about it. My tongue burns easily!

9. If you had the option to legally choose whether or not to pay for music, would you pay? Would you pick and choose? 

I would choose to pay. The musicians work hard just like everyone doing a job and deserve to get paid.

10. Would you like to pick one aspect of your life and completely lose it? 

I had to think about that one for a minute. I don’t like having MS. I don’t like the limitations it has and continues to put on my life. However, it has taught me empathy, patience, kindness. It allowed me to be a stay at home mom that I wouldn’t have been able to afford to do as a healthy woman. So for all of those reasons I wouldn’t want to lose any aspects of my life; they have made me the person I am today.

So now for my nominations:

1. Prettify Your Life

2. Ordinary Adventures

3. Jennifer’s Little Beauty Place

4. Bee Beauty

5. Scale Simple

My questions for them are as follows:

1. What’s your favourite kind of music and why?

2. What type of food haven’t you tried but might like to and why?

3. What’s your favourite musical and why?

4. Name any place in the world you would like to live and why.

5. If you could own any car in the world what would it be?

6. Ice cream; chocolate or vanilla?

7. Weather; hot or cold?

8. What’s your dream job (other then blogging) that pays?

9. Favourite flower

10. What is your proudest achievement?

Now 10 facts about me:

1. I like the colour purple.

2. My first love was teaching young children.

3. I love books written for teenagers.

4. I’m allergic to tomatoes.

5. I love stars; in my home decorating, on my clothes, in the sky on a clear night.

6. I like country music.

8. I like to sing (not good at it but like it).

9. My favourite T.V. show is “Criminal Minds”.

10. I’m a young 49 years old!

I guess that wraps it up! Thanks again “Matt and His Cats”  for the nomination. Enjoy the blogs I’ve nominated. They’re all wonderful reads and worth your time for a look!


Smile! It’s the beginning of a fabulous new day and you are BEAUTIFUL!

I’ve been looking at Pinterest for some time now and have been saving up some inspiring body positive quotes. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorites just to remind all you plus size beauties how truly remarkable and special you are, right now, in this moment, without changing a thing!

Read and enjoy and as always, now and forever, Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!

  • Looking into a mirror is not a reminder to bash your wonderful body!
  • Your body is not wrong, society is!
  • Confidence will make you happier than any diet ever will (so embrace your body!)
  • I do not need anyone else’s permission to feel glorious!
  • Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you’ve already got!
  • Life is way to short to spend another day at war with yourself!
  • Confidence is Beautiful, no matter your size, no matter your weight. Be confident in who you are and you’ll be BEAUTIFUL!

Do you have any favorite body positive quotes you’d like to share? Did you add to your list of body positive affirmations we started in yesterday’s post? 

Fashion Frustrations

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Question of the day: As a plus size woman, what are some of your greatest sources of frustration?

Perhaps small airplane seats? Tight restaurant booths? Getting a date? Getting a job? Finding clothes that fit, flatter and are affordable? People pointing, staring or making rude comments? Small bathroom stalls? Small dressing rooms?

Every plus size woman has probably dealt with, or continues to deal with, these problems and more.

One of my personal frustrations is plus size retail designers who seem to assume that every plus size woman is 10 feet tall and has big feet. Plus size clothes are usually too long for my short 5 ft. 1 inch body, so on top of the usual higher cost of the clothing, I have to pay for alterations. I have to say, I’m liking the current crop top trend because crop tops are usually not crop on me! This means that, for once, they land at my waist instead of flowing down to my knees. Shoes are always too big for my size 6 foot. With the wider width, and most shoes at plus size stores starting at size 7, my little feet end up going for a swim.

Share your pet peeves and solutions/tips & tricks if you have any!

Have an awesome weekend, and as always, be bold! Be beautiful! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!

P.S. Be sure to check out Monday’s post! Hint: Styling it!

Off to do research for Monday's post!

Off to do research for Monday’s post!