A Good Day!

What makes a good day? A good day for me always includes the people I love. Today I went out with my daughter and her partner. We got Starbucks at the drive through and then did a little thrift shopping, safely with masks and distancing from other customers. We always have great conversation and any occasion that includes shopping is a good time. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for getting out of the house. We found some good deals and we all came home happy with our outing. Since Covid it’s harder to find places to go but some restrictions have been lifted where we live so there are a few more choices available if one is going a little batty with staying home.

What do you enjoy doing? What makes you smile? Whatever it may be, do it more often. We all need to smile a little more and grab onto happiness wherever and whenever we can. Get your hair cut. Get a mani/pedi. Go for a bike ride. Take your dog for a walk somewhere new. Sit in the park and read. Have a safe social distance visit with a friend (that’s my plan for tomorrow). Enjoy a hobby (knitting, painting, woodworking, scrapbooking, puzzle making). Do some baking or cook a new recipe. The pandemic has been challenging and happy moments may be a little harder to come by but not impossible. Reach out to people and don’t isolate yourself. Keep yourself active and your mind occupied with things you love.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and I hope you had a blessed day like I did. If not, don’t despair because tomorrow is a new day full of new opportunities and hope.


Body Positive Tool Box

Loving who you are is a difficult task some days. Frustration, sleepless nights, ignorant people or just general bad days can send you into a spiral of negativity that may be hard to just shrug off. It is in times like these that we need a “toolbox” of resources to help us feel better about ourselves and turn our negative image frown upside down. A lot of ideas are things I have written about before;

  • journaling
  • leaving yourself self-love notes around the house
  • saying positive self-love affirmations
  • writing yourself a love letter
  • wearing clothing you like and makes you feel good
  • finding people on social media that are positive, uplifting, motivating and inspiring
  • surrounding yourself with positive people who support you and love you unconditionally
  • doing things that take the focus off of yourself like volunteering
  • focusing on your talents and achievements
  • practicing self-care

One tool that was recently brought to my attention is meditation using gemstones. The stone, rose quartz, symbolizes love; love in relationships and self-love.

Looking up such meditations on YouTube, I found several guided meditation practices that anyone would enjoy and benefit from. This is not something I have personally tried but it does intrigue me and it is something I intend to study further. I think that anything that helps you feel more at peace, calm and focused is something worth trying especially during these stressful Covid times. Such a practice will help you focus on all the parts of your body, their importance and all they do for you day to day. From there you can learn to accept, embrace and eventually love who you are, including your “flaws”.

Loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. You deserve that gift. You are worthy of that gift.

The minute you learn to love yourself, you won’t want to be anyone else.”


Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of the amazing and beautiful person you are! If a day comes along that you’re not feeling good about yourself, reach into your self-love toolbox and find something that will adjust how you feel about and see yourself.

Anti-Bullying Week

First, let me say that I think it’s very disturbing that we have to dedicate a specific time to address an issue that shouldn’t exist in the first place. It’s sad, disheartening and frustrating that people have so little regard for others. Unfortunately though, this is our reality. There are people who, I think, have little to no self-love and they have to share how miserable they are with the vulnerable and lonely by intimidating them, making them afraid or hate who they are. They bully because they have no self-confidence. They bully because they have emotions they don’t know what to do with. They bully because they are not happy. They bully because they are jealous.

People of all ages get bullied. Children in grade school get teased and picked on if they don’t fit into a certain crowd, for the clothing they wear, how they talk, how well they perform in academic studies or athletics, where they live, their economic situation, their family life, where they live and for a whole lot of other very unimportant things. Adults get bullied by friends, family, co-workers and spouses. They get bullied if they don’t fit into society’s idea of what beauty and success look like. They get tormented if they don’t do what they are told to do. They get shunned if they don’t meet other people’s unrealistic expectations. The elderly get bullied because they are the most vulnerable and often can’t defend themselves or advocate for themselves.

If you are the victim of bullying, first know that it is not your fault. You are the victim and nothing you said or did made you deserve such treatment. It is not about you. You must tell someone; a trusted friend, family member, co-worker, teacher, parent, police, clergy, anyone you know who will have your back and have the power to help. Don’t keep silent. Remove yourself if you can from the situation and the person causing the problem. Seek professional help to learn how to cope not just with the abuse but with the feelings provoked from such bad treatment. Above all else, stand up for yourself. Have people around you who support you and who love you unconditionally.

Check out Pinterest for lots of great advice on subjects like;

  • How to raise children so they don’t become bullies.
  • How to diffuse a bully.
  • What to do if you’re being bullied.
  • How to deal with toxic people, young and old.
  • How to help your kids be strong advocates for themselves in tough situations.
  • How to deal with bullies in the workplace.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and always be kind. If you are a bully, ask yourself why. What satisfaction do you get from being mean? Remember that your actions are a reflection of who you are and say way more about you then the person you are trying to make miserable. If you witness bullying, step in and help the victim. Do not stand by and do nothing because that makes you just as guilty as the bully. It’s only by standing together that bullies can be defeated.

You Can…

We all have tragedy and trauma that affects how we live our day to day lives. Some can recover quickly and move on while others require more time. Rest assured though, that whatever you have suffered through or continue to deal with now, you can rise up and be better for it. No situation is permanent and time does move on.

Whatever happened to you or is occurring now, you can recover and recreate yourself into a stronger, more capable and happier version of you. You are not stuck with your anger, hurt or unhappiness. You have choices. Seek help if you can’t deal with things on your own. There’s no shame in admitting you can’t fly solo.

Think new thoughts. Try new things. Create new habits. Learn something different. Meet new people. Go places you’ve never been before. Do what it takes to heal and live your best life. All you need to do is decide you want to be different, you want something better for yourself. Once you’ve made that leap, nothing or no-one can stop you. Be confident, brave and bold. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and know you can do anything, be anyone and go anywhere. Always do what is best for you and don’t be afraid of making big decisions. It’s your life, so live it the best way you can. Live, laugh and love! Don’t let the bad stuff weigh you down forever. You deserve better than that!

Something About Fridays

I don’t work outside the home so every day feels pretty much the same except Fridays. Fridays always bring a little sense of relief. I made it through another week. I reflect over the days and congratulate myself for all I was able to accomplish. I contemplate on what can be done better or more of next week. I think abut the jobs that need to be pushed forward. Lastly I count my blessings of the week past and give thanks for everything that was bestowed upon me.

Fridays are an end and a new beginning. They signal the end of a long week and mark the beginning of a little relaxation. Fridays are the beginning of some family time, time to set the refresh button and let the stress of the week slip away.

Fridays mean pizza dinner, movie or games night and comfortable clothes. Fridays mean a cozy fire in the fireplace, snuggles and cuddling under the blankets. Fridays mean togetherness, talking about the good and the bad of the Monday through Thursday and the anticipation of Saturday and Sunday plans. Fridays are fun.

What day of the week is your favourite? Which day do you look forward to the most? Whatever Friday means to you I hope you have a good day! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and remember that no matter what your day looks like or which day is your favourite, every day is another opportunity to live your best life.

When All Else Fails…

Life is full of challenges. Sometimes things run smoothly and sometimes it all becomes a train wreck. Sometimes we have patience for the little mishaps and sometimes our tolerance runs very thin. Sometimes we can walk away from what is bothering us and sometimes things can not be ignored.

It’s important to not let little stuff get to us. We need to let some things roll off our shoulders, let it go and move on. Occasionally though we need to confront the problem to get it solved so it doesn’t become a constant irritant. This is true for people who disrespect you, treat you horribly or are mentally, physically or emotionally abusive. It’s true for people who put your health at risk, who are selfish and only think of themselves.

Without getting too political, the whole mask debate is one such issue that boils my blood. People who refuse to wear masks is one situation these days that is causing me a great deal of distress. They are thinking of their comfort, not the health of the population in general or that of their loved ones, more specifically. They cite they have poor health and can’t breathe with it on. NOBODY likes wearing a mask. It’s hot and uncomfortable. However, most of us wear it to protect not just ourselves from getting sick but also anyone close to us who may be vulnerable. If your health is that poor, why are you out in public? Stay home! When confronted these anti-maskers get rude, offensive and on occasion even violent. It’s all so unnecessary and self-centred. One has to be careful if confronting someone not wearing their mask or wearing it improperly. Don’t put yourself in danger but if you feel the need, like I do, question them and back way up!

Rant over! Most of the time, problems can be solved and life bumps along. When difficulties continue and you have no idea what to do to clear the road, give it up to God. When all else fails, turn to prayer. I know not all of my readers are believers or people of faith. I though, have witnessed, experienced and felt God’s hand on me during times I thought I was alone. I have seen powerful things happen because of prayer and I truly believe that peace can be found if you let it all go and let God take over. People will ask, “Where was God during all the years of suffering I have had to endure?” Well, my friend, he was walking beside you and here you are today on the other side of your troubles. Is life perfect? No, it never is and it never will be because we are bound to our earthly home. There is a perfect life awaiting us if we have faith and trust in something we can’t see.

So the conclusion to today’s post is this:

  • Life will always have curves in the road.
  • There will always be a problem to solve.
  • Sometimes solutions will be clear and easy.
  • Sometimes solutions will be difficult and complicated.
  • Sometimes you will have to walk away.
  • Sometimes you’ll have to be brave to do what is needed to solve the pestering issue.
  • Sometimes there will be nothing you can do but pray.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and try to remain positive through all of life’s trials and tribulations. When all else fails, get down on your knees, turn your eyes toward heaven and ask for help. Someone is listening.

You Are Fierce!

There will always be people looking to tear you down. There will always be people who are jealous of who you are and of what you have. There will always be people who will try to bully you into being someone you’re not. There will always be people who will tell you you’re not good enough or worthy. There will always be people who get enjoyment from causing you pain.

Unfortunately you can’t change those people. You can’t control what they do or say. The only thing you can control is your reaction to their negativity. You have to be strong and maintain your confidence. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!!

  • You are amazing!
  • You are strong!
  • You are intelligent!
  • You are talented!
  • You are beautiful!
  • You are a warrior!
  • You are successful!
  • You are capable of great things!
  • You can do anything you want to!
  • You can dream and make those dreams come true!
  • You are good enough just the way you are!
  • You are worthy of love and respect!
  • You deserve whatever accolades that come your way!
  • You can have it all!
  • You are a rare one of a kind gem!
  • You are confident! You can do anything and be anyone!
  • You are a queen, king, monarch!

Walk away from anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. Eliminate the negative individual who’s out to destroy you. Show them they can try but they will never succeed. Whether they be family, friend or foe, demand better, expect better or show them the way out. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and fierce in your conviction of how absolutely and completely fabulous you are.