I Smiled Today, Did You?


Yesterday’s blog post was all about finding a reason to smile. Even on the darkest of days, if you can find a reason to smile, you may be able to turn your bad day around. There is beauty all around you and if you have the courage and determination to look for it, a smile will find you! If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, here it is:

Today, I want to continue that theme by sharing with you several events and moments that caused me to smile today.  https://prettyplusandproud.wordpress.com/2018/01/16/find-a-reason-to-smile/

  • First and foremost, I spent a lovely few hours with a friend doing a little Torrid shopping (I spent a whopping $11 on some major deal scores: a tote bag for $4 and a pair of leggings for $7!) and having lunch. Spending time with friends always makes me smile no matter what we may be doing.
  • Second happy moment: I was walking across a parking lot when a woman, in her van, rolled down her window and told me I looked beautiful today. She said she thought I might like to hear that. She pleasantly caught me by surprise and I was very happy with the compliment. I thanked her and wished her a fabulous day. Compliments are such an easy way to help someone smile and always be gracious when receiving one. Don’t insult the giver by negating their kind words.
  • Third: I made a lovely dinner and was thanked enthusiastically by my hubby and daughter. It’s always a good thing when my cooking is met with positivity.

These are but a few of the things that caused me to smile today. It was, overall, a good day and for that I am truly grateful! I felt very Pretty, Plus and Proud today with my smile plastered all over my face. Did you smile today? I hope so! Share what made you a happy person on this glorious day!


Smile, for it shows off your beauty best! All images found on Instagram. 



Find a Reason to Smile!


Image courtesy of lushmadams_shenikfrancis from Instagram.

We all have days where everything seems to go wrong. We all have days when someone rubs us the wrong way, intentional or not. We all have days when we’d rather stay hidden under the covers than face the day ahead. We all have days we’d rather barricade ourselves inside the safety of our homes instead of exposing ourselves to hurt, humiliation, anger or any number of negative emotions or circumstances.

Life though, is a blessing. It’s a gift we shouldn’t waste or wish away. It is something we should not hide from nor avoid. Within each day, there is a reason to smile, if we have the courage and determination to find it. Look outside your window and watch the sun shine through the ice, dripping from the roof. Look at the innocent and wondrous faces of your children, full of love for you, their mother, father or caregiver. Look in the face of your neighbour, full of gratitude for your help and kindness. Watch the sun rise or set. Visit the local animal shelter and play with the puppies or kittens. Nothing brings on a smile more than the furry face of a happy animal.

Smiles can come from the simplest moments like enjoying the wind blowing through your hair or from the most extraordinary like winning the lottery. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud, make everyday count and find somewhere, somehow, a reason to smile. 

Self love, Celebrate yourself!

Great advice!

Sunshiny SA Site

So many years of education yet nobody taught us how to love ourselves and why it is so important… 

India’s young Priyanka Chopra,  now internationally acclaimed actress once endorsed skin  lightening creams when she was younger.  Like most teenagers, she had once had self-esteem issues and thought to improve her “dusky” skin with the aid of skin creams. Realising that misconception she fostered, she has since spoken out against self-image sabotage.

Hydroquinone which is skin-lightening creams main ingredient is linked to cancer and has side effects that may include burns and skin thinning.  Priyanka Chopra has learned to accept and love her skin.

The subject of skin colour is considered taboo among the darker communities. When it comes to the concept of beauty, especially in India, light unblemished skin is preferable to darker skins.   The fairer skinned are portrayed positively and favourably whilst the darker skin is portrayed negatively.

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Style Has No Age Limit


Image courtesy of simoneo2604 on Instagram. 

That’s right, I may be an older gal but I just keep getting better like a fine wine. When I was a curvy teenager, there weren’t the trendy, cute clothes that are available now to young girls so I’m living my teenage fashion fantasies in my fifties. Check out some of my outfits of the day I spotlighted this week. Which is your favourite? What fashions are you enjoying now that you missed out on in your teens? In my opinion, style has no size or age limits so go wild! Live out your teenage fashion fantasies like I am, no matter what age or size you are. Be courageous and push yourself out of your comfort zone. What have you to lose? Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of whatever fashion choices you are making but make sure you are looking foxy and fine!


Clothing from Torrid, earrings from Forever 21


Sweater from Forever 21+, Torrid jeans and jewellery


Torrid jeans, Forever 21+ sweater and earrings, necklace ?


Sweater, jeans and earrings from Torrid, necklace ?


Leggings from Addition Elle, sweater and jewellery from Torrid

Your Life in One Word…


Image courtesy of positivepeoplearmy on Instagram.

How would you describe your life in one word if someone asked you to? Take up the challenge and leave your word in the comments section below. Try to think positively!

Here are a few adjectives to get you thinking:

  • wondrous
  • fun
  • joyful
  • miraculous
  • peaceful
  • adventurous
  • limitless
  • happy
  • exciting
  • impactful
  • creative
  • successful

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of the life you have. We all have bumps in the road but focus on the way to get around the bumps without getting stuck. Have a beautiful day!

Sharing Some Positivity!

How’s everyone doing after the first week back to school and work after the two-week Christmas break? Everyone on a sugar crash? Feeling guilty over the food and goodies consumed? Feeling bad about yourself over gaining a few pounds?

Get those thoughts right out of your head! Instead, ask yourself, did I have fun over the holidays? Did I enjoy food that I only eat a few times a year? Did I enjoy the company of friends and family, sharing stories, laughs and a few glasses of wine? I hope the answer is yes and if it is then don’t feel guilty about enjoying Christmas treats or gaining a few holiday pounds. You’re still the same beautiful person you were before Christmas so cut yourself some slack. The holidays are over and routines will get you feeling like your old self in no time. Now that you’re not shopping, wrapping or planning parties, take some time for yourself to do an activity you enjoy, research recipes for a new menu plan and practice some loving self-care.

Below are some quotes to help you on your way back to loving yourself and appreciating all of your luscious curves!


Image courtesy of thechristinacakes on Instagram.


Image courtesy of i_am_ok_the_way_i_am on Instagram.


Image courtesy of just_lovely_and_delicious on Instagram.


Image courtesy of butterflyblingg on Instagram.


Image courtesy of butterflyblingg on Instagram. 


Image courtesy of butterflyblingg on Instagram. 


Image courtesy of butterflyblingg on Instagram.


Image courtesy of butterflyblingg on Instagram. 

  • Big bust or small
  • tall or short
  • big bum or no bum
  • rolls or flat
  • brown or white
  • short hair or long
  • Blue, green, or brown eyes

You should all Be Pretty, Plus and Proud because you are all beautiful!


Speak the Beauty You See!


Image courtesy of hashtagpixiecuts from Instagram.

I happened across this quote while looking for haircut inspirations and immediately recognized it as great blog post topic. As I’ve written before, negative speak comes more easily and quickly to our lips then positivity. Sadly, it seems easier to gossip and criticize then to hand out compliments. Why this is so I don’t understand but I’m taking a stand and am going to attempt to shift this bad habit in my life and hopefully help you to do the same!

So together let’s look for beauty in people and speak it. Compliment someone’s bright and beguiling eyes. Admire someone’s choice of eyewear. Show kindness and respect to the elderly by listening to their stories. If a friend gets a new haircut, be enthusiastic over his/her bold choice; help them feel confident in their decision to try something new. Notice when someone shows you kindness and be gracious with a simple thank you. Admire a co-worker’s new dress and compliment their sense of style. Admire someone’s strength in the face of adversity. Speak nice not nasty about people even when you may not like them very much. Be the bigger and better person and be kind.

People like to hear nice things said about them or to them. Nice talk makes people feel confident. Compliments can raise a person’s self-esteem and being nice helps you feel good too. It’s a win/win situation. So Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and when you see beauty in someone, tell them what you see.