What Have You Done For Yourself Lately?

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I always preach the importance of self-care when you are travelling the body positive/self-love journey. It’s important for anyone, no matter your story. Yesterday’s blog hinted at my glum mood this week for which I listed a few possible reasons why I feel this way. I have to say, today I am feeling better. The sunshine had a huge impact on helping me feel more chipper. I also took time to dress nice, do my hair and put on some makeup, things I hadn’t done all week. I went and got my nails done which went a long way to helping me feel more pretty. The last stop on my self-care list for today was a little drop in at Torrid. I had some money saved up from some online sales so I treated myself to a few new things , all found for a great deal from the clearance section (buy one, get two free). I got to see a few of my favourite gals working at the store today and got a hug and birthday wishes (birthday next week) from all. I know it’s their job to be friendly but I honestly feel like they are the sweetest women who really care about their customers.

So all in all, it was good day and I think taking time for myself really helped prop up my mood. So the next time you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, take time to make yourself pretty for no one other than yourself. Treat yourself to a new haircut, manicure or a new frock. Buy yourself some flowers and definitely spend some time soaking up a little sunshine. Doing some of those things definitely made me feel more Pretty, Plus and Proud. I hope it works for you! Taking time to do something for yourself is important because you are worth it and you deserve it!


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What’s Good About Your Day?


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I must admit I’ve been feeling a little glum this week. Perhaps it’s the gloomy weather that has me feeling a little out of sorts. While I don’t particularly like the intense heat of Ontario summers, I could use a little sunshine. Perhaps my mood has a little to do with my daughter turning 17 and I am left wondering where has the time gone. It seems like only a short time ago we were playing Barbies on her bedroom floor. Perhaps I’m just tired of the everyday routine and need a little get away; a change of scenery would be nice.

Whatever the reason, I must remind myself that no matter how I feel generally, there is something good in every day that I should look for and focus on. For example, today I pulled myself up out of bed and went out and got my hair coloured and cut. There’s nothing like getting your hair done to make you feel better about yourself and your outlook on life. The day continued to brighten once my daughter got home from school. She was in the mood to have a nice chat about her day  so I enjoyed the moment of us  sitting side by side, sharing the highlights of our moments apart from each other.

Tomorrow, I’m getting my nails done so that will be a nice self-care activity I’m looking forward to. With a little luck, maybe the sun will decide to show up. Whether it turns out to be good day or bad, or whatever the weather, I will try to find the good in my day, focus on the positive and most of all Be Pretty, Plus and Proud! How about you?

Quit List

Five Things to Quit Right Now

  1. Trying to please people.

If you are like me, you may be a people pleaser. I tend to agree to do things because I don’t want to let anyone down. I agree to projects, social activities or favours because I hate disappointing people.

2.  Fearing Change.

I also do not adapt well to change. I do like routine and unless I’m given advance notice, I don’t like last-minute plans.

3.  Living in the past.

In this moment in time, I am focusing a lot on the past. My daughter has one more year of high school and then she’ll be off to university or she’s talking about a year-long student exchange program and putting university off for a year. Either way she’ll be moving away from home and I can’t help wishing for when she was a little girl. The thought of her not being home with me automatically fills my eyes with tears.

4.  Putting yourself down.

Since beginning my self-love journey, I don’t see the negative in myself nearly as much as I used to. I try to focus on the positive things when I look in the mirror and they are much easier to see now that I’ve had some practice. How about you?

5.  Overthinking.

I do tend to overthink once in a while. I think some situations lend themselves to overthinking. Have I prepared enough for this seminar? Did people like it? Was my outfit appropriate?

Join me in trying to quit some of these character traits. Some are harder than others. Some are simply part of who we are and are not so easy to shake. I’m not saying we have to be perfect but maybe there is room for improvement.

  1. It’s okay to want to make other people happy but if it wears us down, causes us stress or heartache, then people pleasing has to become less of a focus.
  2. Change can be fearful. The unknown can be ominous but shaking routines up every now and then can help us grow and evolve. It can be a good and necessary thing.
  3. We can’t change the past. There are no time machines in the real world. So our only choice is to move forward. Learn from the past so the future can be even brighter.
  4. Putting yourself down is never a good thing in any circumstance. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. You are your own kind of beautiful so accept, embrace and love who you are.
  5. Overthinking can be a hard habit to break but if you continue your self-love journey, your confidence in yourself will erase the need to think about things too much. You know things will turn out just the way they are supposed to because you are amazing.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud knowing you are doing the best you can, to be the best version of yourself possible with or without the character traits listed above.



Short and Sweet Thought For the Day


  • Your sexy smile.
  • Your hips that sashay.
  • Your come hither eyes.
  • Your intelligent conversation.
  • Your witty sense of humour.
  • Your can do attitude.
  • Your kindness to all you meet.
  • Your warm embrace.
  • Your listening ears.
  • Your strength.
  • Your resilience.
  • Your creativeness.
  • Your multitude of talents.
  • Your sense of style.
  • Your sensuous voice.
  • Your glowing skin.

There are too many ways to count for how beautiful you are! You are Pretty, Plus and Proud and a uniquely and amazingly beautiful you!

Block Out the Bad Vibes


Image courtesy of marilgcpr on Instagram.

As much as it pains me to say this, there are negative people everywhere who want to spread their bad vibes on everyone they meet. Sadly, it might even be people closest to you like family and friends. It could be people you work with, neighbours or strangers on the street. Their general attitude seems to be one of superiority. For some reason they hold themselves up to higher esteem. Maybe they look at your round body with scorn, thinking you too lazy to exercise or too weak-minded to eat less. Often they see their role in life and their accomplishments as so much better than anything you have done or are capable of doing. They don’t see potential in you simply because of how you may look. They feel their mission in life is to make you feel bad about who you are, thinking that scorn and ridicule are the keys to making you change to fit their standards of beauty and success.

So not the truth! Their negative vibes are not a symbol of their greatness but of their weakness. The fact that they can’t see beauty in everyone is sad. First off, your body is your own business and not up for discussion. What you choose to do or not do is up to you and should not be influenced by the close-minded opinions of anyone who thinks themselves so perfect.

  • You have value and worth just as you are.
  • You are beautiful just as you are.
  • You can accomplish anything just as you are.
  • You have potential just as you are.
  • You are not lazy.
  • You are not weak-minded.
  • You do not have to nor should you, strive to fit anyone’s standard of beauty other than your own.
  • You can dream like anyone else and you have the capability to fulfill those dreams just like anyone else.

So if anyone comes at you slinging their negativity, put up your bad vibes shield and block it. Don’t let that mud-slinging nasty stuff influence your thoughts, feelings or plans for yourself now or in the future. You are the better person when you can stand up to negative people who want to dampen your happiness.

  • Be positive in the face of the negative.
  • Be confident.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Stand up for yourself.
  • Fight for what you believe in.
  • Be Pretty, Plus and Proud.


To Do List

Today I’m sending you a little list of things to not forget to do tomorrow and every day whether you’ve reached your self-love goal or you’re still travelling the road.

Don’t Forget To:

  • Focus on the good. It may be hard to see but it is there.
  • Do something you love, that brings you joy and fills your soul; painting, reading, planting, singing, dancing or dreaming.
  • Go outside. Breathe in the fresh air and let the sun kiss your skin.
  • Love who you are now. The past is over so let it go. Don’t dwell on it, learn and move on.
  • Keep being brave. It might feel hard some days but the sun will peek between the clouds.
  • Envision each day as a fresh start, a new beginning.
  • Be Pretty, Plus and Proud because you are amazing, worthy and good enough.

Thank You!

This day is done but with the grace of God we will wake to another day tomorrow. What will your first thought be upon opening your eyes? Many of us wake up with a groan with the thoughts of everything we have to accomplish. We often want to hide under the covers and avoid the demands the day has in store for us. We know we have lunches to make, kids to drive around, plans to make for dinner, laundry to do, floors to sweep, dishwashers to empty, dust to sweep away, dogs to walk, litter to be changed and the list could go on.

What if you woke up tomorrow and let your first thought be a simple, “Thank You”? Thank you for the opportunity to live another day. Thank you for the love of you family and friends. Thank you for the roof over your head, the clothes on your back and the food in your fridge. Thank you for the strength of your body, no matter what shape or size it is, for it gets you around day after day and works pretty darn hard for you. Thank you for a challenging and rewarding career. Thank you for the blue of the sky, the green of the grass and the myriad colours of the blooms in your garden. We have so much and should always be grateful.

Let every day start with a “Thank you”. Starting your day on this positive note will surely make it a day worth being Pretty, Plus and Proud about.