Be You!

You are wonderful just as you are. Don’t be fake or someone you’re not. Don’t try to fit into a category not meant for you. You’ll be so much happier if you can let go of all pretence and just be yourself.

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There is a place for you without squeezing into somewhere that isn’t right for you. Do your own thing. Be happy in your own skin and throw everyone’s opinions out the window. Their opinions of you don’t matter. YOUR opinion of yourself matters so be the best version of yourself you can be today.

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Do whatever comes natural to you. If you like to smile at strangers then do it. If making eye contact is uncomfortable for you then don’t do it. If you wave your hands, jump up and down or twirl when you’re happy and excited then do that with carefree abandon. If you like to eat donuts then enjoy. If you prefer going for walks then pumping iron at the gym then go do it. If you prefer your hourglass figure then yeah for you! If you’re thin and couldn’t gain weight if you tried then that’s okay too. Be who you were born to be and accept, respect and love you for you!

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Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and enjoy the freedom and joy in being yourself. Gain strength and confidence from making decisions and choices that make you happy.

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How Far Are You Willing To Go?

We have been raised in a society that values outer appearance. It’s fine to want to look your best but how far are you willing to take that desire?

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Are you willing to starve yourself and restrict what you eat? Are you willing to obsess over the calories, points or nutrition labels until you can hardly think of anything else? Are you willing to get surgery or the fat sucked out of you? Are you willing to spend most of your waking hours manipulating your body to fit into societal standards? Are you willing to be miserable and live a joyless life all for the sake of “looking good”?

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Is it really worth it to obtain the body society thinks is acceptable? What will it cost you financially, emotionally, mentally and physically?

Enjoy food because it nourishes your body, gives you strength and endurance and allows you to live the life you truly want. Move your body in ways that you enjoy because your body will be able to better do all the things you want it to. Don’t restrict yourself because then you will crave what you deny yourself. When you know it’s there for you to eat, you won’t crave it or consume it all in one sitting.

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Listen to how your body feels and satisfy it accordingly. Give your body what it needs and get on with enjoying your life. Stop the diet mentality. Stop caring about what other people think or say. Who made them the boss of you? You are in charge of your body so Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and do whatever feels right for you.

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Be your own perfectly imperfect self and listen to your own opinion. It’s the only one that truly matters!


Dazzling Blogging Award

Thank you so much to Julia from the blog Wacky Writer for this nomination! Check out her blog for some fabulous writing and great reads!

My Answers:

1. I started blogging as a new hobby when my daughter started highschool.

2. I hope to be able to spend lots of time with family and friends to make up for time lost from Covid! Also hoping to do some traveling and last I hope my blog makes 2000 followers!

3. We recycle, compost and thrift shop. I try to repurpose items if I can. Also do a lot of donations or resell what I no longer want or need.

4. My daughter and her partner decided to move home and commute to university in the fall.

5. I would go to the home of my heart, NS on the east coast of Canada.

6. I haven’t had much success with my books lately. If anyone has good suggestions I would love to hear about them!

7. I have been very fortunate to receive so many compliments on my blog, all very supportive and kind!

My Questions:

1. Are you a cat or dog person and why?

2. Do you prefer mountains or oceans?

3. Do you prefer to cook or order in?

4. What’s your favourite colour?

5. What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

6. What’s your least favourite thing about blogging?

7. Why do you blog?

My Nominations:

I think you’re all fabulous so I nominate anyone who wants to participate! You’re all worthy and deserving!

I am Pretty, Plus and Proud, to have been nominated! Thanks again Julia! I really appreciate your support and recognition of my little place in the blogging world!


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Accept where you are in life and be happy. Be thankful for everything you have and everyone who cares about you. You are richer than you think.

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Acceptance doesn’t mean you can’t change things up or stop dreaming. There are always new goals to achieve, new things to learn or ways to make your life better. Acceptance simply means you are happy now, during or after whatever change you are moving through. It means you love yourself, accept and respect yourself while acknowledging you are far from perfect and are open to ways to evolve and learn.

Life is a wonderful thing so enjoy and appreciate every day given to you. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and live your best life every day whether it’s the same as yesterday or completely different. It’s all good!

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