You Look Fabulous Darling!


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How many times have you flipped through a fashion magazine and longed to look like the models displayed on the glossy pages? I dare say too many times to count. As a teenager I would lust after the beautiful faces and perfect bodies and wish I looked like the women in those publications. What I didn’t know then, was that many of those models starved themselves to fit into that perfect modelling role, making their bodies sick and their mental and emotional health even sicker. That and with the magic of photoshopping, those pictures showed a falsity detrimental to women all across the globe.

Thankfully, a light of hope has begun to shine and the fashion industry is starting to realize that “perfect” bodies aren’t the ones we want to see on the runway or in our reading material. People are crying out for better representation of all kinds of body types to prove that beautiful clothing can be worn by anybody.

I love clothing! I have always loved fashion, I just wasn’t able to find good stuff in my size. Now at almost 53, I am living the dream of my youth; to wear beautiful and stylish clothing that make me feel beautiful even though I’m not a size two. I’ve probably gone to the opposite extreme filling my closet with more stuff than I’ll ever wear which of course isn’t good either. Now I have to work on finding a balance. I need to wear what I have and only add every now and then to spruce up for a new season. It’s hard to hold back when you’ve waited for half of your life for flattering styles for a curvy body.

So remember, don’t compare yourself to what you see in the magazines because those pictures aren’t real. You are real and beautiful just the way you are! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of who you are and what you look like for there is no one else in the world like you. You are unique and special and that is a good thing!


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New Week Blues!

Yesterday was Family Day, a special day designed to encourage families to spend quality time together. Most businesses, like shopping centres, banks and government-run employment agencies were closed. We chose to make it a quiet day at home playing games. Quiet is a bit of a misconception though as our game playing gets quite heated; we’re all highly competitive. I’ll assure you though that no one got injured.

So, today is our Monday and like any Monday, I’m feeling a bit sluggish and unmotivated.  I love weekends mostly because I’m surrounded by those I love. When a new week rolls around, everyone’s off to work and school and I’m left at home with Maggie (our dog – see picture below).


When you are at home most of the time, you have to make a special effort to meet up with people and be productive. Otherwise the hours can quickly slip past and you realize at the end of the day, you literally did nothing. I am fortunate that I have a nice circle of friends who are available during the day to meet up for lunch, coffee or shopping. I also try to fill the hours with keeping my house reasonably clean and organized so that my family has a warm and welcoming environment to return to at the end of a hard day. I also enjoy writing, of course. My blog has saved me from many hours of boredom. I love to read, do yoga, watch Netflix and play games on my phone. Maggie and I manage ok on our own but we both prefer the time when all the family is home.

So like any Monday or whatever day you consider to be the beginning of a new week, remember to try to live a purposeful life. Enjoy every moment because they do go by so very quickly. Look forward to a new week as a new opportunity to do things differently, to learn and grow. Shake off the blues and find the rainbow in every day. As I write this I am feeling some motivation seep back into my veins and I think I still have time to get a few jobs done on my to-do list. Good luck to me and you! Let’s Be Pretty,Plus and Proud and somewhat productive despite the new week blues


  • Drink your coffee.
  • Stay focused and positive.
  • Don’t freak out.
  • Remember, stabbing people is wrong!
  • Are you wearing pants?

Quote courtesy of @i_am_ok_the_way_i_am on Instagram.

Intimidated By the Gym?

“I decided I no longer want to carry the emotional weights of insecurities and other people’s opinions. And after I let go I felt so much lighter. I set myself free.”

-Cheri James (posted on Instagram by @femininewildandfree)

If you love your body, then you have to give it what it needs and one of those things is movement. For those of us who are learning to love a fat body, exercise is not something that comes easy to us. Maybe you’ve never been very good at sports so a phobia about working out has developed. Maybe you’ve never really found a physical activity you enjoy so you choose to do nothing. Whatever the reason, if you are travelling a body positive journey, some kind of movement should be included so that you can truly live your best life no matter what shape or size you are. Move for fun not with the intent of losing weight. Don’t focus on the number on the scale or the size tag on your clothing. Concentrate on the joy of feeling how your body works.

Movement does not have to mean running out and signing up for a gym membership. Movement can look like yoga, dancing, playing mini golf, cleaning your house, gardening, taking your dog for a walk, pushing your kids on the swings, swimming, shovelling the snow, mowing the grass or walking the mall. Check out the local library for videos you can try out without investing money. Ask a friend to join you as it’s usually more fun when you have someone else to motivate and inspire you to keep going when the going gets tough.

If you already belong to a gym or have access to one where you live but you feel intimidated by working out in front of other people, try these suggestions by @tonsablush on Instagram (Find her on YouTube too! Incredibly beautiful inside and out and super positive!):

  • listen to your most upbeat and favourite music to keep you in your own world and focused on yourself not others around you
  • go with someone supportive who keeps you laughing and can help you with any machines or exercises you’re not familiar with
  • listen to your body and only do what feels right for you (don’t compare yourself to others)
  • practice lots of positive self-talk i.e. “You can do this” or “You’ve got this.”
  • push yourself to do it anyway despite how you may feel (once you get started, the momentum will keep you going and you’ll feel amazing when you’re done)

As the quote above states, stop carrying the weight of other people’s opinions. Do whatever you want to do and set yourself free. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and don’t let intimidation stop you from living the life you deserve and doing what your body needs and enjoys!

Don’t forget to check out these ladies on Instagram for more inspiration, motivation and positivity:

  • @tonsablush
  • @femininewildandfree



What’s Your Self-Love Language?


I found this on Instagram a few days ago, posted by @blackmarketbabe. I was immediately drawn to it as I have never really thought about self-love being a language unique to each person. I like the potential of being more aware of what kind of self-love can I benefit from the most; which one will speak to my soul and help me be a better version of myself so that I can then be a better support to the people I love? Also, I think, when I know exactly what kind of self-love I crave and value the most, then my loved ones know what they can do to provide the time or tools I require to fulfill that need.

I’m definitely a “Receiving Gifts” kind of girl, so little treats help me feel rewarded for the hard work I put in to being a good Mom, Wife, Friend and Sister. I also value “Words of Affirmation” as they let me know that I am appreciated and loved.  If I share these ideas with my loved ones then they know that a little gift or word of thanks is all I need to rejuvenate and keep moving forward.

When you look at the categories above, what kind of self-love do you think you need to help you be strong and feel worthy?

Remember to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud, you need to take time for yourself. You are not being selfish when you show yourself self-love. You are simply giving yourself a gift that you very definitely deserve.

You Have A Good Body!


Image is a free printable colouring page courtesy of

You have a good body if you are:

  • fat
  • thin
  • tall
  • short
  • light-skinned
  • dark-skinned (or anything in between)
  • able body or disabled
  • blond, brunette, black or red-head
  • smooth skin
  • dimpled skin
  • an athlete or an artist
  • curvy
  • old
  • young
  • wrinkled

You have a good body no matter what you look like because every body is a good body. We are all unique and because of our uniqueness, we are all special. How boring it would be if we all looked the same! We are like a rainbow,. every colour is different but no less beautiful than the one that goes before it or the one that comes after it. Every colour is brilliant and amazing, just like every human, including you. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of your shape for it is a one of a kind piece of art!


We Have a Winner!


If you have been following the blog this week you’ll know I decided to sponsor a giveaway to celebrate reaching 600+ followers.

The Rules for Entering:

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Congratulations to my winner and thank you to all who entered. I urge you to find these people on their social media platforms, blogs and YouTube, as they’re all wonderful people to support! I will contact my winner personally to get address information so she can receive her gift.

Thanks again to everyone who has chosen to follow my blog! I truly appreciate each and every one of you! You are the reason I continue to write and share my thoughts and feelings on all things positive. You help me feel Pretty. Plus and Proud each and every day and I hope I inspire you to feel the same!


Celebrating 600 With a Giveaway!


In yesterday’s post I wrote about reaching 600 followers here on the blog. Today I decided that milestone deserves to be marked with a little giveaway.


Here’s what you could win: a small journal book, a gold elephant necklace with rhinestone details from Torrid, a card of stud earrings from Torrid and a face mask also from Torrid.

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Again, thank you to everyone who has chosen to follow my blog! Your ongoing support is very much appreciated and continues to make me feel very Pretty, Plus and Proud! Good luck to everyone who enters!