Friday Humour

At last another Friday has rolled around. For those living in Ontario and perhaps some other provinces, Monday is Family Day, so we have a long weekend to look forward to. YAY! We have a few plans, of which I will tell you all about next post. Suffice to say it will be a fun weekend of time together with family and friends. I hope you have a nice few days off ahead of you, whether you’re going out or snuggling in at home. Whatever you are planning, I thought I would send you off into the weekend with a bit of humour. The quote below totally sums up how I feel!


Wouldn’t that be nice for us shopaholics, lol! Image found on Instagram. 

Remember no matter how thick your thighs are or how many rolls your tummy has, you are beautiful. You are one of a kind just like a diamond so shine bright and Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!


You Are Worthy!


Image courtesy of butterflyblingg on Instagram.

What dreams have you been putting off because you feel like you don’t deserve anything good? Or maybe you’re putting off making your dreams come true until you feel prettier, skinnier or smarter? Well enough of that nonsense! You are good enough and worthy of whatever you want. You are perfect just the way you are right now not twenty pounds from now. You have the talent, the intellect, the skills and the beauty to achieve any dream you desire for yourself. Get started on your journey of success by setting goals that will lead you to the ultimate dream come true. You can be the CEO of any company, model any fashion runway, fly to the moon, pilot a plane, heal the sick or sell a top record. Anything can be yours if you dare to dream and dare to make it come to fruition.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and persistent until you achieve whatever your limitless imagination dreams up for your amazing future!

The Month of Love


February is the month of love with Valentines Day right in the middle. Sometimes if you don’t have a date for the day, your emotions may not be positive. I urge you to look at the day from a different perspective if you don’t have a significant other. Make it a day you shower yourself with love. You deserve to be spoiled and pampered so rather than wait for someone else to do it, do it for yourself. Below are some ideas on how you can show yourself the love:

  • Give yourself a facial or treat yourself to a spa experience.
  • Wear something with sparkle and bling.
  • Buy yourself a pretty journal book, if you don’t already have one, and make a list of all the things you like about yourself, both on the inside and outside. Decorate the page with designs or stickers, to make it as beautiful as you are.
  • Visit a place that you love or that inspires you; a museum, art gallery, animal shelter, zoo, dance club, a park, the beach or nature trails.
  • Look for quotes that motivate and inspire you and include them in your journal to refer to in times of turmoil.
  • Take time to read a book or engage in a hobby you enjoy; knitting, scrap booking, quilting, cooking, writing, painting or sewing.
  • Do something fun and silly; dance in your living room, clean the house naked, spin a hula hoop, sing or laugh out loud.
  • Write in your journal these sentences: I am beautiful. I am amazing, I am talented, I am unique. I am good enough. I am worthy.
  • Take a selfie and post on social media with the caption, “I am amazing!” or any other complimentary saying of your choice.
  • Take a bubble bath with music, candles and champagne.
  • Buy yourself flowers, jewellery, perfume or a new outfit.
  • Stock up on your favourite snacks and enjoy a Netflix or movie marathon.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and show yourself love all year-long!


Practice self-love until it becomes a habit you can’t live without. Images found on Instagram. 


I’m Back!

Hello beautiful people! I’m back to the blogging world after taking a week off to travel to NS for my Dad’s 90th birthday. It was so good to see him and be with him on such a special occasion. My Dad is an amazing person. He was a pastry chef, talented woodworker, a fix-it man, devoted husband and the best Dad any girl could hope for. He’s a man of strong faith and taught us daily what love looks like. While dementia may have taken away some of his memories, he’s still the gentle father I have aways known and he’s just so darn cute! Happy 90th birthday Dad! I love you to the moon and back again! He makes me feel Pretty, Plus and Proud to be his daughter!





Bloggers I Admire & Why?

Check out for her post on bloggers she enjoys! She included me and I’m both honoured and humbled to be amongst such great bloggers!

Esha’s Lifestyle

img_6923 Source:

Laura Living Life

Laura Living Life is a London blogger, lover of all things beauty. On her blog, she also shares tips, review, lifestyle, her experience, fashion, make-up and more. If you asked me what I love the most about Laura, I would say her hard work and dedication to be the best person at blogging. I also like her sense of fashion and let’s not forget how organized her content is.  Laura has motivated me in many ways, and if you are reading this, I just want to say thank you.


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Zoella blog site is blogger’s goal. She is a  London-based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger & YouTuber. Sadly I have never watched her videos, but her posts are interesting and fun to read. I do follow her on Instagram, and her feed is just perfect. Long story short she inspires me to do…

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Living My Life!

Yesterday I wrote about not letting anything stand in the way of living your life. Life is too fragile to waste spending time dithering over how you look or weigh and letting your fears stop you from doing things you would enjoy. So with that being said, I am taking off tomorrow to the home of my heart, Halifax, NS! My Dad will be celebrating 90 years of life on Feb. 5th and I want to be there to spend that special day with him. He has dementia so while he won’t know me or perhaps understand what all the fuss is about, I’ll know it’s a special day and I will have the memory of it even if he won’t.

Next week will be all about spending time with the family and friends I love most so I’ll be taking a break from blogging to enjoy this little vacation. See you back here on Feb. 12th! Don’t forget to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud while I’m gone!


Live Your Life!

Today I received news that a woman I knew had passed away. We weren’t friends but were acquainted both through church and the elementary school our children attended. This woman was only 50 years old, married for 24 years and a mother to 5 children. She had been sick for quite some time so while I don’t know for sure what the health issue was, I’m guessing it was likely cancer related. What a tragedy!

It made me think how fragile life is and how so many of us plus size people put off living our life out of fear of being ridiculed. We put off going to the beach because we don’t want people to stare or make fun of our bodies. We put off travelling because we don’t want to be embarrassed when the seat is too small. We don’t want to shop because we don’t think we are worthy of good fashion. There are so many moments we put off waiting for a magical number to appear on a scale.

Hearing the news of this woman’s death only reaffirms my mission to live my life in the body I have right now. I will not wait to be thinner or a society approved version of me, before  I have fun. I will go to the beach, travel, shop, try new activities or foods and Be Pretty, Plus and Proud all the while enjoying this one and only life I have. Will you join me?