Where Is Happiness?

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Two things will rob you of true happiness in life:

1. Living in the past. When you live with regrets, are too hard on yourself for mistakes made or you hold onto anger and refuse to forgive, happiness will allude you. You must learn to accept that there are valuable lessons learned from mistakes and nothing comes from being harsh and unforgiving with yourself. Holding onto anger and not forgiving others hurts you far more than it hurts the person you’re upset with. All that pent up rage only serves to hurt you mentally, physically and emotionally so let it go and move on. As for regrets, start doing things now that your future self will be proud of and you won’t have to live with regrets later.

2. Observing others. When you compare yourself to others, hold back from living your best life because of fear of other people’s opinions or are always seeking approval from others, you will never be happy. Learn to trust yourself and depend on yourself for decisions and choices. Accept you are different than others and that’s okay. Know you are just as worthy as anyone. Don’t judge yourself against others. Everyone is unique and comparison will be the thief of your joy. Accept, embrace, respect and love yourself.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and find happiness within yourself through what you do, who you allow into your space and how you live your life your way. Happiness is simple if you just be yourself, give yourself and others grace and be patient and kind to yourself and others.


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I am done listening to and hanging out with negative people. The odd complaint is fine. We can’t be in a good mood all the time but a constant “woe is me” attitude is exhausting. Life is too short to block out the humour in our days. Learn to laugh at yourself and not take everything so seriously or personally. Have fun and enjoy your life. Look for joy and surround yourself with lighthearted people. Choose people who know how to have a good time and who push you out of your comfort zone to try new things, adventures and experiences.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and smile! A frown won’t get you far in life and it certainly won’t feel or look good on you long term!

You Can Do Hard Things

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Loving yourself is a hard thing to do most days. We look in the mirror and see time catching up with us. Perhaps, like me, you see some grey hair or a few wrinkles. Perhaps, also like me, your body is showing signs of wear and tear; a stiff knee, arthritic fingers, weight from giving birth that you never got rid of or a belly from a few too many beers (not me, hate beer, lol). Maybe you have some scars from long ago accidents or some stretch marks and cellulite you didn’t have 20 years ago. Whatever it is you see in the mirror that displeases you, know you’re not alone. We all see the things we don’t like.

Look a little bit longer and see the things that you can appreciate. Yes, maybe you have some baby weight you didn’t get rid of but your body helped a miracle come to life. Maybe you have some grey hair and wrinkles but you have lived a life and have a lot of wisdom and adventure tales to share with the young people.

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You can do hard things and if loving yourself seems impossible, know that it’s hard but not beyond possibility. Practice daily positive affirmations. Speak lovingly about and to yourself. Give yourself lots of self-care time and watch your self-love blossom!

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Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and don’t shy away from the hard stuff. Your efforts will be worth the rewards!

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Think About the Good Stuff

Can you think of three good things that happened to you this week? Maybe you found the perfect parking spot. Maybe you got a good grade on an assignment or acknowledgment from your boss for a job well done. Maybe someone gave you a compliment. Maybe a neighbor helped with your snow shoveling.

Why would you want to do this? Good things happen to us all the time but we’re too used to focusing on the negative that the good stuff goes unnoticed or we don’t give the good stuff the attention it deserves.

However, what you choose to focus on will shape your life. It forms your character. When you choose to focus on the positive things, big and small, they will become a much more meaningful part of your life, you’ll be happier and the negative stuff will have less impact. It takes practice but eventually noticing the positive in life will become easier.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and take time today to look back over the week to see, acknowledge and appreciate the good stuff! You are blessed more than you realize!

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What Do You Appreciate About Yourself?

It’s easy to get caught up in the things we don’t like about ourselves. We often take the good stuff for granted and don’t appreciate all the good qualities we possess.

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Happiness and self esteem are strongly linked with one another. They impact each other. By improving how you feel about yourself you will also improve your happiness level.

Take some time today to think about or list all the wonderful things that make up who you are. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, ask friends and family what they appreciate about you and why they are grateful to have you in their lives. Remember it’s not about how you look but more about how you live.


• I can make people laugh and forget their troubles even if for a moment.

• I am a reliable, helpful and caring person.

• I take good care of my fur babies.

• I make a comfortable and cozy home for my family.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of all the qualities you have that make you valuable, worthy, wonderful and enough!

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What Does Your Body Say About You?

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Your body, your skin is a beautiful reflection of what you have been through, of your life thus far. It tells your story. It hints at your journey to where you are today. It shares the battles and challenges you have faced and survived. You have thrived.

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Respect, accept, embrace and perhaps love your body and what it has done for you. The stretch marks, scars, wounds, cellulite and extra rolls are part of what made who you are and you are remarkable, unlike any other and that is truly special! You’re a one of a kind treasure!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of your body. It’s not perfect but nothing in life is and yet we love life anyway. Include yourself in the love too!

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Your Happiness Is In Your Hands!

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Your happiness has to come from you because you can depend on yourself. Other people come and go. Sometimes other people, even the ones you love, aren’t always so nice. Other people have different ideas, thoughts, feelings or opinions that aren’t aligned to your own. Trust your intuition because you know yourself best. Do what is right for you. Do the things that bring you joy. Wear the clothing that you love. Maintain your control over yourself and your life and you will be happy.

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Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and shine your way. You are beautiful when you are your most authentic self!