FabUplus Magazine – Spring 2017 Issue


Looking for some good reading material? Look no further than FabUplus magazine’s spring 2017 issue. I love cracking open the spine of a new hard copy print magazine. I love the colourful pictures, the different print fonts and the excitement and anticipation of what each page will reveal to me. No e-reader for this girl! FabUplus is a magazine in a category all it’s own. It is specifically designed, written and published with the plus size community in mind. Finally a magazine with ad models who are my size!


The lovely Sarah Taylor modelling for SexyPlus Clothing. Finally advertising with a model I can relate to. 

At Long last, there are articles to read that help me feel good about myself rather than encouraging me to change my body. This is not FabUplus’ first issue, nor do I hope it is nowhere near ever leaving the magazine racks. Check our your local book store, drug store or Walmart and grab your copy today before they’re all gone! You can also check out FabUplus on:

Here’s some highlights from this issue to give you a little taste of what’s in store for your reading pleasure:

  • Amanda Trusty’s personal story


  • Raising Body Positive Kids


  • Broken to Beautiful – Learning to Love Life in my Body by Joleen Green


  • Ending the War with Our Bodies 


  • How To Choose The Right Bra 


  • Fashion Do’s 


  • Fresh Finds for Spring



My favourite store, Torrid, has a spot in this article, featuring items to spruce up your Spring wardrobe!

  • Meet Project Runway Winner, Ashley Nell Tipton 


  • Getting Fit Without the Gym


  • Are You Doing Enough? The best way to stop judging yourself!


  • Love Yourself Healthy


  • Body Love Is Learned


  • You Are Not A Before and After


This issue is chalk full of so much body positivity and good vibes! Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been travelling on the road to self-love for a while, the articles in this magazine will definitely help you feel Pretty, Plus and Proud!

Are You Really Alive?

I just finished reading my daily email post from the Joel Osteen Ministries and the theme for today really caught my attention and got me thinking. His questions for today are: “Are you really alive? Are you passionate about your life? Do you wake each morning enthusiastic and ready to fulfill your dreams?”

Your purpose in life is to not just be alive. You are not meant to just exist or endure. There are seeds of greatness in you. You need to be full of life. You need to be excited for all the potential your life has in store for you. You must have faith and hope. You must keep trusting and believing that you are destined to be amazing and accomplish wonderful things. You can live an abundant life no matter where you live, the colour of your skin, the size or shape of your body, whether you are male or female, transgender or gay, young or old, religious or not. Do not hesitate or be afraid to go after the life you want. You are deserving and worthy.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and REALLY LIVE LIFE!


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram.

What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happy? Here’s my list of happy thoughts:

  • roasting marshmallows
  • sitting on the rocks looking out at the ocean
  • going to the movies with my hubby and daughter
  • reading a good book
  • a crisp autumn day
  • fresh, hot home-made donuts
  • new earrings
  • shopping at Torrid
  • drives in the country
  • visiting family and friends here at home and in NS on holidays
  • fresh flowers
  • a clean house
  • my daughter laughing
  • country music
  • my puppy Maggie
  • ice cream

When I’m having a rough day, I try to imagine one of these happy thoughts to chase away the blues. What happy thoughts can you use to get you through the difficult moments of life? Difficulties and bad days are only temporary pieces of time. They will pass and happier days are ahead waiting to be discovered. Never give in to the darkness. Think happy thoughts and step in to the light. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud while you stand in the sun.

Love = Acceptance


We all know that a large component of being body positive is learning to accept who you are and loving who you are no matter what; no ifs, ands or buts. When you learn that about yourself, the next step is teaching it to others. You must surround yourself with people who support your journey. They too must accept you as you are. If they can do that, then you know their love is real.


Any kind of love, whether it’s about loving yourself or others or the love you receive from others, must be unconditional to be true.  You shouldn’t say, “I’ll love myself when I lose twenty pounds” nor should you accept that condition from anyone else. If your significant other is telling you, “You have to go on a diet if you want to be with me”, then he/she is not worthy of you. Do you hear and understand that? HE/SHE IS NOT WORTHY OF YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. If people say they love you and then in the next breath tell you you’re fat/stupid/ugly, then that is not love!


It’s hard to let go of someone who we thought loved us. It is hard to get out of difficult relationships that are damaging to our well-being. It is scary, daunting and sometimes dangerous. Living a lie is bad too so find support from true friends and family, support groups, counsellors, shelters or church clergy and fellow members. People are there to help you. You only have to be brave enough to ask.


Know your worth so others know it too. Don’t accept anything less than you deserve. Find people who know you are good enough. Don’t let anyone convince you that you are anything less then amazing. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and the ones who really love you will be proud to be counted as one of the people you call friend or family.


All images courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram.

A To Do List

Here’s your to do list for today and every day:

  1. Keep trying.
  2. Keep praying.
  3. Stay positive.
  4. Be awesome.
  5. Be grateful.
  6. Be kind.
  7. Do your best.
  8. Tell yourself how beautiful you are.
  9. Share your talents.
  10. Smile.
  11. Do something that makes you happy.
  12. Take time for yourself.
  13. Follow your dreams and do something to make them come true.
  14. Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself.
  15. Celebrate your individuality.
  16. Believe you can do anything.
  17. Be prepared to succeed.
  18. Be amazing.
  19. Love yourself.
  20. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram. 

P.S. Have a fabulous long weekend! 🙂 ❤

Make Your life Your Own Somehow

Do you ever feel your life is not your own? Do you feel like you live by someone else’s rules, needs or desires? Do you feel trapped or out of control? Are you starving to have your own identity?

I think many people feel this way at some point in life. We all get caught up in the lives of our loved ones. Especially women I think, get forgotten in the midst of everything they have to do or the roles they have to fill every day. We all fall into at least one of these categories; wife, mother, lover, chauffeur, cook, event planner, household organizer, laundress, financier, cleaner, dog walker, etc., etc.! Somewhere, sometimes we lose who we are. Our dreams get pushed aside. Our life goals get delayed. Sometimes we get trapped in unhealthy relationships and don’t know where to turn to get out. The things we want out of life seem trivial in the eyes of those we love when there is so much going on.

When you start to feel this way, it is important to try to find some way to make your life your own. You have to make time to do something for yourself you enjoy and don’t feel guilty while doing it. Join a yoga class if you are aching for some peace. get your hair done if you are feeling unhappy with the image you project. Go to the library to read if quiet time at home is impossible. Find your passion and some way to follow it, maybe through volunteer work or online communication. You only have one life to live. Don’t be  the ninety year old wishing you had written your book, taken the dance class or sang at the local pub. Find your happiness before it’s too late. You have the strength!

Live the life that makes you feel Pretty, Plus and Proud!

Things That Are Hidden


When you have a chronic illness that is not visible it’s hard to justify the things you do. MS is one of those diseases that can be very easily seen or it can be a hidden battle. I am fortunate that my illness remains for the most part well hidden. I do use a walker, cane or wheelchair depending on where I am, how much walking is involved or how I feel that day. Other than some leg weakness, my other symptoms remain, for the most part, my little secret. I am glad for that but it does pose a different set of problems. My biggest hidden symptom is chronic fatigue. I also suffer from insomnia which doesn’t help with feeling tired most of the time. Some days I can push through the lethargy and enjoy a somewhat productive day. Other days, I simply can’t summon up any energy to do anything other than get out of bed.

I make plans with friends and try really hard to follow through but some days, I am simply too tired to go anywhere. This is where the need for understanding friends is essential. I need people to know that cancelling plans is not something I do lightly or enjoy. It is not a reflection of them. It is not because I don’t want to spend time with them. It is not because I am lazy. It is literally because I AM TIRED. When I am so exhausted from lack of sleep or MS flare-ups, I just want quiet. I want to be alone because I really am not capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation. I want to be in comfortable clothes just watching Netflix.

The only other thing that ever causes me to change plans is my commitment to my family. When energy is low, I have to save it for the most important people in my life and that is my husband and daughter. They will always come first. Not that I don’t love and value my friends but family is number one.

I use handicapped parking which causes some stares at times; people wondering why a young woman like me needs handicap parking. Again, when you’re not in a wheelchair and symptoms are hidden, it can be hard to justify parking close to the entrance of buildings. However, I know that my legs will only carry me so far so it’s better to park close and save my energy for inside.

I imagine depression and anxiety can be much like what I experience. People can’t see how you feel. They think why can’t that young woman just get out of bed and get out into the sunshine. I know it doesn’t work like that and other people’s perceptions probably make getting well even more difficult.

What hidden health issues do you have to deal with? Feel free to share. Know that this is a safe place. How do you deal with your secrets? Never feel ashamed or embarrassed for whatever you have to do that is best for you! If it means cancelling plans, then do that. If you have to park close to doors, then do that. If you feel like pushing through and going out, then do it. If you want to take a nap, then by all means, do it.


Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and be strong. Your hidden or not so hidden health issues do not define who you are. You don’t have to justify anything to anyone. You are capable of getting through the tough days and good days are waiting for you to enjoy whenever you are ready to step into them.  Nobody is walking your journey so do what you have to do that is best for you!

Images courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram.