Plus Size Casual Fall Fashion


I love fall especially fall fashion! I love distressed jeans, cozy leggings and soft, comfortable sweaters and sweatshirts. As you are well aware, I love Torrid for 99% of my wardrobe but I have been successful at stores like Aerie and Maurices for cute sweaters and sweatshirts. Check out some of my fall looks pictured below:

Outfit #1:  Sweater poncho from Maurices, Torrid jeans and earrings from Maurices.


Outfit #2:  Sweatshirt from Maurices, sneakers from Maurices, earrings and jeggings from Torrid.


Outfit #3:  Sweatshirt from Maurices, jeans and earrings from Torrid.


Outfit #4:  Sweatshirt from Aerie, earrings and leggings from Torrid.


Outfit #6:  Top and shoes from Maurices, earrings and leggings from Torrid.


Outfit #7:  Top from Aerie, jeans and earrings from Torrid, Steve Madden leopard slip on shoes were thrifted at Platos Closet.


Outfit #8:  Tank, cardigan, jeans and earrings all from Torrid, shoes from Maurices.


Outfit #9:  Top from Aerie, leggings and earrings from Torrid.


Outfit #10:  Top from Forever 21+, jewellery and joggers from Torrid.  For cooler weather this outfit would look cute with a denim jacket!


As you can tell, most of what I wear is casual and super comfortable. I don’t work outside the home so I don’t have a need for fancy clothing. I am so happy it is sweater weather! What is your favourite season and style of clothing? Whatever is may be, I hope you envelop your fabulous self in softness and comfort. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud this season sporting your favourite fall fashion!

You Are Worthy

You are worthy:

  • even when you don’t feel like it
  • on good days or bad
  • when you are happy, sad, angry, joyful, afraid
  • whether you are rich or poor
  • whether you’re tall or short
  • on your “skinny” days or bloated days
  • no matter what shape or size your body is
  • if your skin is white, black or anywhere in between
  • no matter who you identify as
  • no matter who you love
  • even when you say or do wrong things
  • even if you’re not perfect because no one is
  • if your hair is blonde, black, auburn or brown
  • no matter whether you go to post secondary education or not
  • no matter what kind of job you have as long as you enjoy it and it fills your soul
  • if you are married, single, engaged or otherwise
  • all the time, every time, no exceptions

…so Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and know that you are worthy, good enough and amazing simply for being you!

This or That

Let’s have a bit of fun and get to know each other better. Let me know which of the items below are your fall favourites:

  • the smell of cookies baking or the smell of food cooking
  • rainy days or snowy nights
  • pumpkin lattes or apple cider
  • fall scented candles or cozy blankets
  • the smell of a lit fireplace or the smell after it rains
  • sweet potato pie or apple pie
  • Thanksgiving or Halloween
  • apple orchards or pumpkin patches

I underlined my favourites but truly I love everything about fall! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and get out and enjoy the most colourful and scent full season of the year!

Mirror Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,

it matters not

if I’m short or tall.

With skinny legs,

or hips that are wide.

It only matters

who I am inside.

Blue eyes, brown eyes,

black or green,

what makes me beautiful

can’t be seen.

When you look at me,

don’t judge my parts,

my greatest feature

is my heart.”

Pieces of Soul

I’m not sure where I first saw this but it speaks to me very loudly and I knew it needed to be shared. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and always remember the really important stuff that makes you special is on the inside. The outside is just the shell that keeps everything in place.

You Got This!

This is your Monday reminder that no matter what this week throws at you, you can handle it!

Some things that could possibly go wrong this week:

  • you forget to set your alarm
  • because you forget to set your alarm you wake up late
  • because you wake up late, you don’t have time for breakfast
  • because you forget to set your alarm, you are late for work and have to slave away hungry because you didn’t have time for breakfast
  • you have to work through lunch because you arrived late
  • you have to stuff a sandwich down your throat while working and you drop a big dollop of mustard on your top
  • you have to go to an important meeting with a mustard stain on your top
  • you leave work and watch your bus go by so now you either have to walk home or wait an hour for the next bus
  • you get home tired and hungry and your kids are screaming at you asking what’s for dinner
  • you order pizza and your order arrives without the extra cheese you ordered and paid for
  • you finally get everyone’s homework checked, dishes done, everyone’s in bed and you collapse in your own bed and forget to set your alarm

LOL!! Not likely all this will happen but if it does you can handle it! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and have a great week!

New Season, New Goals

Every new season is an opportunity to change things up, be different and do different things. Here are some goals I’m working on to continue living my best life:

  • smile a lot
  • smell good all the time (I love trying out new perfumes, body sprays and lotions)
  • be kinder (I have to work on not losing my patience when I’m tired or feeling overwhelmed, must remember to breathe)
  • step outside of comfort zone (join a new exercise or hobby group)
  • discover new music
  • laugh (find the funny in the most mundane tasks)
  • be passionate
  • care less about others’ acceptance
  • show love
  • take better care of self (try new healthy recipes, move more, drink more water)
  • value nature (spend more time outdoors)
  • make goals happen (I’ve already completed a lot of things on a to do list that have been years not done)
  • be happy

Most of all, always Be Pretty, Plus and Proud! Hope the above list inspires and motivates you to break free from your rut and spice life up a bit. You only have one life so live it!


When Someone Hurts You

When someone hurts you try to remember this:

“Never wish them pain. That’s not who you are. If they caused you pain, they must have pain inside. Wish them healing, for that’s what they need.”

                                                                          Najwa Zebian

I saw this quote on Instagram a while back and it struck a chord in me. It’s easy to want the person who hurt you to feel the same pain as they caused you. It’s easy and understandable to want to inflict the same pain on them as you received from them. Don’t take the easy road, take the high road. Be better than them and wish them peace. Be gracious and wish them the healing and love they obviously lack. People who bully, make fun, say or do hurtful things are unhappy and empty. Be grateful you have all that you have and spread positive thoughts and vibes to anyone who is not as fortunate as yourself when it comes to emotional support, confidence and self-love.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and lift your head high and know that you are worthy of respect. You are entitled to be treated well and with dignity. Walk away from anyone who tries to give you anything less and wish them well as you wave goodbye.