February – The Month of Love

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February is the month of love! At the top of your love list should always be yourself first. Where do you normally place loving yourself? Likely at the bottom of your priorities. You probably buy your partner a nice card and gift, maybe a romantic date out. If you have children, you’re helping to make cards for their classmates and baking treats for the class party. But what do you do for yourself? Let’s work together on giving the gift of time, acceptance, respect and love to ourselves!

Try this self-confidence challenge for the coming month:

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When you spend time on yourself, focus on your needs and growth, you will become more confident and comfortable in your skin. With confidence and comfort comes love! 💗 You are worth the time and energy! When you embrace who you are, you have so much more to offer to those you care most about. You’re also teaching others how you want to be treated and showing them that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and kindness.

Let February be the month that you change your stinking thinking about yourself, your life and your future. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and fall in love with yourself this month of hearts and all things mushy and gushy! ❤️🥰😘

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I Love You

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Do you have people in your life that ask these questions of you? Maybe a parent, a friend, a sibling? Whoever is asking is someone who cares about you very deeply. They are showing their love for you by asking about your welfare, about your life and by doing acts of service for you. Some people find it difficult to say the actual words, “I love you!”. So instead they inquire about your daily life or do things to make your life easier. Do not take these people for granted or downplay their emotions towards you. They are the best of the best and they show up for you when you need them. They have your back and will support you in whatever you do.

Don’t forget to return the love by inquiring about the lives of others. Be kind, helpful and generous with your time. These gestures will let the people you care about know they are a priority for you. They will know that they are on your mind and in your heart. Maintain these relationships and don’t isolate yourself. It’s not good to be completely alone in the world even if you consider yourself an introvert.

So I ask you;

Did you eat today? Did you move your body? Did you take your medication? Did you remember your vitamins? Is your day going well?

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and rest assured that you are loved and appreciated even when people don’t say the words. Trust in their actions and feel the care from the questions asked and the kindness bestowed on you.

It’s Monday Queens!

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Today’s post is for anyone who struggles with body image and lack of self-love but especially my queens because let’s face it ladies, you are the ones that suffer the most when it comes to measuring up to society’s views on what is acceptable beauty. Those images, opinions and unrealistic standards are damaging to our health in every way possible and we must learn to ignore all of that nonsense and be brave enough to just be ourselves no matter what we may look like. We know it’s our responsibility to everyone who travels the body positive journey after us, to make their road a little easier than it was for us. By being ourselves and refusing to feel bad for taking up space, we will teach the next generation to not judge people’s outward appearance but to focus more on what they contribute to our society.

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Mondays are the beginning, a time to start fresh. So let’s start the week with positive thoughts about ourselves! You are strong, capable, talented, intelligent and worthy of dreaming and achieving anything you want! You are beautiful and you are a QUEEN!!

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Although the affirmations above were written for children, they can be used by anyone who needs a boost of positivity this morning! Start your day with these statements and believe in the words!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and know that you are just as beautiful, just as important and just as gorgeous as anyone else. Don’t let an ignorant society dictate how you feel or look at yourself. Cut yourself free of anyone or anything that makes you feel bad about who you are! You are exactly who you are meant to be.

Monday Mantra

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Good morning and happy Monday!! Many people are returning to work and school after a lovely Christmas holiday. I hope you are going back to normal life rested, rejuvenated and ready to take on the New Year with enthusiasm and hope.

The mantra in today’s post encourages us to remember to prioritize ourselves in our daily activities. Give your needs, goals and interests just as much attention as anything else you may do today. Know that you are worthy of love, success and happiness just as much as anyone else. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and always keep in the forefront of your mind that you have all it takes or is required to tackle challenges, accept change and grow through every new experience and opportunity.

Now go out there and get it done! You got this! You deserve a joyful, dream smashing kind of exciting life!

Things To Ponder In 2023

Welcome to 2023!! Every year left behind has good and bad moments. Remember though, that in every moment, there is a lesson to be learned, an opportunity for growth and a reminder that life is precious and not to be wasted.

New year, new month, new opportunities!

I don’t do resolutions for the new year but instead I pledge to continue the work I am doing in loving myself, being positive about who I am and spreading that positivity towards everyone and everywhere I go. With that being said, enjoy the body positive images below. Remember to move forward into the new year being Pretty, Plus and Proud and take care of you! You are worthy! You are enough! You are imperfectly perfect just the way you are!

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I’m very proud of you for all your hard work! Keep loving yourself because it’s what you deserve! Make 2023 your year!

After Christmas Check In

How was your holiday? Did you survive the madness? This time of year can be stressful and can conjure up a lot of anxiety. Maybe you have to deal with pushy relatives who comment on everything from how you look to what you’re eating to when are you getting married or having a baby. Lots of awkward conversations I’m sure. It’s hard for our furry friends too, with large crowds in the house that they’re not used to.

Breathe a sigh of relief if all this applies to you because it’s over now! Take a few moments for a little self-care. Give yourself some time, space and rest. All of your feelings, thoughts and emotions are valid so don’t worry about explaining yourself or justifying yourself. Nobody is owed anything.

If the holidays only bring you joy then I certainly hope you had an amazing day and you’re coming away from Christmas or whatever you may have celebrated, with lots of wonderful memories to look back on fondly.

Let’s step forward, as we approach the New Year with renewed optimism, hope and confidence that we will be blessed with good health, happiness and prosperity. Maybe yesterday wasn’t a great day but today and every day coming are opportunities to start fresh and live our best lives.