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All too often many people fall into the negative doom and gloom. It seems easier to criticize than to compliment. Women stand in groups checking each other out and looking for a way to bring each other down a notch. We think this behaviour will help to make ourselves look and feel better but that is not the case. Snuffing out someone else’s flame does not make our candle burn brighter.

Ladies, let’s build each other up. Together we are stronger. Find the strength, comment on it and support it. Put a spotlight on our good qualities and talents. Don’t focus on the negative, weaknesses or mistakes. Help people feel good about themselves and in doing so you will feel good in your skin as well. When you lift others up, you rise with them!


Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and spread the love with everyone, wherever your day leads you!

Images courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram

Plus Size Outfits Of The Day

Sorry about missing in action yesterday. It was, in many parts of Canada, a civic holiday known as Family Day. It’s a day dedicated to families spending quality time together so no blog writing!

Today I’m going to share a few OOTDs with you. Enjoy the ideas that maybe you can replicate with stuff you already own or maybe they will inspire a shopping trip. Either way, thanks for checking in and have a wonderful evening!


Torrid jeggings size 16, blouse size 0, jacket size 2, Torrid jewellery


Same outfit without the jacket.


Torrid jeggings size 16, top from Forever 21+ size 2x, Torrid jacket size 2, Torrid jewellery


Torrid leggings size 1, Penningtons sweater size 2x, jewellery from Torrid


Torrid jeggings size 16, Addition Elle top size 2x, jewellery from Torrid


Torrid leggings size 1, sweater from Addition Elle size 2x, black T-shirt from Sears size 2x, Torrid jewellery

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and find a style that expresses exactly who you are; sexy, trendy, rocker, classy, professional, fun and always beautiful!

My Day Today

I work hard at being a positive person. I try to rise above people who spread negative energy, people who think they know better than me, people who always want to be right, people who talk too much and don’t listen enough. God knows I am far from perfect. Sure I can be moody. I can be quick to get angry and say or do things I later regret. However, with time to think, I usually come to the conclusion that an apology is owed. I do strive to learn from my mistakes and be better than I was before.


My day started with a conversation that set me up for a difficult and upsetting day. Not that the single conversation was upsetting alone but compiled with past similar occurrences, it pushed me over the edge. It was, as usual, something that I had done “wrong”. I was upset because where there should be positive reinforcement and support, there isn’t much of that. Let it be known that I don’t require approval from anyone but it is nice to receive nonetheless especially from someone who is dearly loved. No, my husband is not abusive and my daughter does not disrespect me. This came from outside my home but from someone I respect, love and hold close to my heart. Maybe I am being too touchy or oversensitive but it is what it is.


That conversation delayed my other plans for the day and made me late. I stopped for gas and couldn’t get the gas door to open. Later I broke my earring. My stomach was a bit out of sorts all day. It was just one of those days.


I’m comfortable and content in my home this evening. I have the house to myself and am trying to quiet my mind and calm my emotions. This was only one difficult day and tomorrow will bring hope for a better day. I do have the strength and courage to handle the difficult days. Sometimes a girl just has to vent! So thanks for listening to me!


I know and appreciate the positive feedback and support I have received since I began my blogging journey. I am grateful for all those who believe that what I write about is important and worthy of being heard. I am confident that wonderful opportunities are still waiting to be discovered. Most importantly I am excited about the friendships I have made and know that I will always have people who have my back.

I am Pretty, Plus and Proud every day, even the most difficult and darkest of days. It is the struggles that make us strong! So for the person who upset me this morning, maybe it seemed like I was being unreasonable in my reaction but my emotions were on high alert. Hopefully we can both take a lesson from this and do better next time.


All images courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram.

Do What You Love!

Many people follow certain career paths for all the wrong reasons. Some people become teachers because they think the holidays are appealing. If you don’t love teaching and children, then no amount of holidays is going to make your life happy or satisfying. Some people think modelling is all glamour and great clothes only to learn later how much work it really is and how badly it can play on your mental and physical health. Think being an airline hostess means great travel opportunities to exotic locals all the time? What about dealing with difficult passengers, long trips with crying babies and the possible dangers of air travel?

My point is, that unless you are truly passionate about what you are doing day in and day out, the perks will get lost in the dislike of how you are spending the majority of your time. You must follow your dreams no matter the hurdles you may have to jump to get there. You must have faith in yourself when those around you are trying to dissuade you. You must believe that this is the road for you and be willing to make sacrifices to achieve your goals.

When you are happy in your job, you will lead a happier life. When you are happy, people will be drawn to you. You will feel good about yourself. You will love who you are. When all these feelings come together you are a star. Your size, skin colour, gender or race will not determine your worth. Your worth will be measured by what you contribute to the world by doing what you love to do.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and most of all passionate about how you earn your pay check!

Stop Waiting!


We’ve all said it, “When I lose twenty pounds, I’ll wear a bathing suit.” or “When I meet someone, then I’ll be able to travel and see the world.” Why are you waiting, wasting time you could be enjoying right now?

As Coach Sophia ( would say, “Grab life by the love handles.” Put on a bathing suit and go to the beach. Splash in the waves, build a sand castle and soak up a little vitamin D. Book a holiday with a tour group if you don’t want to travel completely alone. Do everything now while you are young and healthy enough to enjoy life. Don’t sacrifice happiness for something that may never happen.

Stop waiting and start living! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud while you enjoy a life full of adventure, making wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t grow old with regrets of things you should have done.


Sophia Apostol, as her website describes her is a “body positive life coach who helps women stop waiting on the weight and start living their most luscious life now.”

What Did You Do Today?


Happy Valentine’s Day! Image used courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram.

Today, like many holidays, can be difficult if you don’t have someone to share the day with. I would like to stress the point that really today is like every other day, only special because someone long ago felt we needed a specific day to celebrate love. So don’t despair if you are a single lady! Practice some self-love today. Buy yourself flowers, chocolate, a manicure, a new dress, new lipstick colour, a new scent to spritz or a special meal. Do it for you because you deserve it and you don’t need anyone else to prove you are worthy of special things. Gather friends for a pot luck Valentine dinner, settle in for a night of Netflix and your favourite snacks or take a long soak in a bubble bath with soothing music and candlelight ambience to relax and unwind.

Not saying this to brag but just want to express gratitude for my blessings. I have a loving husband who treats me like a queen. He is a good caretaker, friend and life partner as well as a fabulous father. No he’s not perfect but neither am I. This morning I woke up to decorations and flowers.




Hearts were hanging from everywhere; windows, lights and ceiling hooks. It was very festive indeed!

The day was not all roses and hearts however. Our decluttering work continued as we cleared out and brought six bags of stuff to our church donation box.



The “get rid of stuff” room is starting to empty! 

So whatever this day was for you, a work day, a self-love day or a couple day, I hope above everything else it was a happy day! Remember you are loved by people far and wide especially me, your Pretty, Plus and Proud friend in Canada! 


Decluttering Time!


Spring cleaning has come a little early to my house this year. I got the urge to start decluttering and I have opened quite the can of worms! You really don’t realize the amount of stuff you have acquired until you want to get rid of it all. This is a room we hope to redecorate in the near future so for now it has become my “get rid of stuff” room. Some things will be donated, some will be garbage and some I’m selling. I discovered a great app called “VarageSale”, a virtual garage sale. It has turned into quite the profitable little venture, this cleaning out job.

It feels good to lighten the load. It is a job that is long overdue! As my stuff disappears out the door, I can feel a weight of anxiety being lifted from my shoulders. The mess of stuff and clutter had really started to take a toll on my mental health and I know when the job is done from top to bottom of my little house, I will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

What causes you anxiety within the walls of the place you call home? Is there a way to lessen the mental load? I urge you to take a step forward in making your house a true sanctuary where you feel comforted, relaxed and anxiety free.

I am Pretty, Plus and Proud of this chore I’ve taken on and look forward to a clean, clutter free home when it’s all done. The added bonus is a little extra money in the piggy bank for our vacation fund. I’m going to need it after all this hard work!

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