Summer Challenge

I’m participating in a body positive summer challenge sent out by Rachel Estapa through her FaceBook community page More To Love. You can also follow her body love lessons on her website This challenge is a great way to practice self-love and body positivity throughout the summer months which can be a source of anxiety for many plus size people who worry about how they’ll look in lighter clothing and bathing suits. People with a little extra fat on their body often feel like they will be stared at, made fun of, laughed at or made to feel uncomfortable when they participate in the normal warm weather activities like going to the beach, bike riding or picnicking. Participating in a challenge like this reminds us all that everyone has the right to enjoy time in the sun and practicing body positivity is a year round job. I hope you choose to join me and share how you are showing yourself love this summer. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud spring, summer, fall and winter!

Day 1 – What does body love mean to you and what are your sources of inspiration and motivation that keep you on track with your journey?

Day 2 – How do you artistically stay committed to your journey? Do you paint, write in a journal, create poetry or music?

Day 3 – Share who inspires you on your body love journey whether that person is a friend, family member, celebrity, someone from social media, etc. and why or how do they inspire you.

Day 4 – Share a moment from your day when you stopped negative self-talk and how did you do it.

Day 5Be Pretty, Plus and Proud in a great summer outfit. Rock it girl! Share pictures on your social media!

Day 6 – Try moving your body is a new way this summer; a new dance move, new exercise routine, new activity like riding a bike or flying a kite, new sport (beach volleyball?) or enjoy splashing in the waves rocking a new swimsuit.

Day 7 – This one is all about self-care. Take time to do something that is totally for you without a thought or care for whatever anyone else thinks or needs from you. This is me time! Go for a massage, get your nails done in a bright summer colour, get a funky new haircut, buy yourself a new summer dress or pair of sandals, read a book in the shade of a tree at a local park, pack a picnic lunch and sit on the sand listening to the waves crash on the shore.

Journal your experiences, thoughts and feelings as you participate in the challenge to continue your learning and growth on your body positive journey. Share if you feel comfortable doing that. Maybe others can learn from your example. Don’t forget to check out Rachel’s website for more details on this challenge and other great ideas to foster your self-love.

Thanks for reading! XO

Catching Up

I know I’ve been very neglectful of my blogging duties of late. Sorry!! Hard to blog on vacation where WiFi is slow or nonexistent. Thus is camping life. We had a lovely trip to Chicago so today I’m going to share some of the highlights of our ten days away. If you’ve never been to this city, it’s worth the trip! The architecture is amazing; such a variety of styles from modern to Victorian. We enjoyed a great bus tour and boat tour which gave us a great overall view of the city. Shopping was great and the food even better. It is an expensive city so save your pennies if you plan a trip.

Enjoy my pictures below and stay Pretty, Plus and Proud no matter where you travel this summer!










Fashion Friday – Canadian Girl in the USA

Believe it or not this girl didn’t go overboard with shopping. Not to say I wasn’t sorely tempted! I went with a budget and stuck to it! I did get to check out some stores we don’t have in Canada as well as finding some bargains at my shopping Mecca, Torrid! Enjoy the pictures below of the items that will be making it home across the border.

Charlotte Russe (Cherry Valley location) – All jewellery was $1.99 each! Shout out to Meghan who was a very helpful and friendly clerk. 







I liked the graphics on their bag!

Rue 21 – (Cherry Valley location) Clearance items were 70% off so I paid approx. $8.00 for this dress!



Torrid – (Downtown Chicago location) The first two items were on clearance so it was BOGO free. I used Haute Cash for regular priced pieces. 





Haute Cash:




I enjoyed shopping and browsing in different stores not found in Canada. Nice to be Pretty, Plus and Proud across the border but looking forward to returning to the land of the red maple leaf!





Bonus Day: Stay Strong!

I know I am fortunate. I feel like I am in a good place right now. I’m gaining more confidence day by day. I am learning to love my body more day by day. My relationships with friends and family are strong and supportive. I know I am loved and I have love to give. I am creating opportunities for growth in my body positive journey and am looking forward to many moments ahead to share my message.

I am aware though that not everyone is as happy as I am. Not everyone has a supportive circle around them. Not everyone feels comfortable in their own skin. Whatever your struggle is now, stay strong! Maybe your struggle is within yourself; feelings that you can’t or don’t know how to control. Maybe you feel anxious, depressed, angry, frightened or confused. Please know that every situation, every.feeling is temporary. This is just a moment in time that will pass. You are strong enough to get through whatever difficulty comes your way. Find help. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness but one of bravery and strength.

If you are in a good place such as myself, congratulations. Remember though to put out a helping hand to anyone who asks for help to get to where you are. We must support each other. If you are climbing your way out of difficulty, I encourage you to continue the climb.  You can and will reach the top!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and STAY STRONG!

Body Positive Talk Tuesday – Feel Good Shopping

My hubby and I took a little drive today and ended up in a little town with a nice mall. It was so exciting to see stores that I’ve seen featured on so many YouTube videos, Instagram posts and other blogs. There was a Charlotte Russe, Rue 21 and Maurices. Sadly they once had a Lovesick (Torrid’s little sister) but that particular line of stores is no longer in operation. Have no fear though, this girl happily browsed the other stores unavailable in Canada.


Today I’m focusing on Charlotte Russe, not because of what I purchased but because of the “feel good” signage on the walls. (Watch for Fashion Friday’s post for what came back to the trailer in my shopping bag.)


You are amazing. Remember that!

The cynical person might say the words on the wall are there mainly to draw you in to spend your money; a clever advertising gimmick. Perhaps that’s true but being the body positive advocate that I am, I prefer to look at it entirely different. I say that if a store makes me feel good about myself whether it’s with advertising, good customer service or excellent product quality then I’m definitely going to shop there. For far too long plus size women were left out of the fashion industry. We didn’t have choices of places to shop or clothing to wear. Our spending dollars weren’t valued. Finally someone has woken up and realized curvy girls like to wear fashionable and trendy clothing just like any other woman.


Smile. It’s your best accessory!

So thank you Charlotte Russe for helping me feel good about my body and for taking notice that size or shape shouldn’t limit your fashion choices. Browsing in your store for this plus size Canadian girl definitely made me feel Pretty, Plus and Proud! Now please come to Canada!


Miscellaneous Monday: Home Away From Home

Good morning all my lovelies! Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the summer season! As I’ve probably mentioned before, we have started our vacation in the city of Chicago in the good old USA. We had some great family time touring the city last week before dropping our daughter off at North Western University for a 10 day Health and Wellness camp. She’s having a wonderful time so far and has met some lovely new friends so I’m so relived it’s all going well for her!

I’ll share some pictures of our time in the city in an upcoming post but for Miscellaneous Monday I thought I would share some photos of our home away from home while our daughter is enjoying a taste of university life. We have a 13-year-old, 34 foot travel trailer that, while not super updated in its decor, continues to provide a roof over our head to make travelling affordable. I’ve tried to make it cozy and comfortable with my favourite style of decorating, country.

Enjoy the photos and hope you’re experiencing summer holidays feeling Pretty, Plus and Proud!


Front door entrance; kitchen to the right and master bedroom to the left, living area directly across from the door.


Master bedroom with lots of storage on either side of the bed and above.


Some decorative pieces above the bedroom window. I learned you can hang pictures using velcro!


The living room with fold down couch to make a bed. I bought the stools on VarageSale. they act as foot rests, storage and coffee tables. 


Kitchen has storage above and below the sink, a three burner stove and small oven. 


Our little kitchen also has a microwave and fridge/freezer.


Our dining room: the lamp on the table was made by my Dad so it’s nice to have a piece of him wherever we go. 


Our little bathroom; all the necessities we need plus room for a little decorating. 


Bathroom shower that also has a small tub. 


The bunk room aka my daughter’s room is serving as my dressing room while she’s away. It has three bunks and lots of storage as you can also see in the photo below. 


The table folds up and there is storage behind it. 

That’s our humble abode for Chicago and NS later this summer. What are your summer plans? Anyone doing any travelling? Share your stories! 

Body Positive Talk Tuesday


When someone is rude to you, Keep Calm and Love Your Curves.

When someone gets a promotion. at work before you, even though you’re the one who earned it, Keep Calm and Love Your Curves.

When someone laughs at you, Keep Calm and Love Your Curves.

When you get frustrated trying to find a bathing suit that you like, Keep Calm and Love Your Curves.

When someone remarks on the fact that you took a second helping of mashed potatoes, Keep Calm and Love Your Curves.

When someone on the plane gives you dirty looks for taking up a little extra room in your seat, Keep Calm and Love Your Curves.

When that well-meaning relative asks if you’re going on a diet soon because they claim to be worried about your health, Keep Calm and Love Your Curves.

Basically anytime life throws you a curve ball, Keep Calm and Love Your Curves. Life is never perfect. We can’t control other people’s big mouths or ignorance but we can control our reactions, so at all times, maintain your composure, straighten your crown (because you are a queen), Keep Calm and Love Your Curves and everything else about the wonderful package called YOU! Stay Calm, Pretty, Plus and Proud!