Torrid Outfit of the Day

Today’s post is an outfit video. It’s been a long, tough week after the loss of our dog last weekend so I just didn’t have it in me to write today. We did go out for a bit just to clear our heads so I hope you like my outfit today! Thanks for all the support and kind words for the passing of our girl!

Trailer Life

It’s been a week since we have been set up in our trailer. We’re enjoying all the luxuries of home while still being in the woods. Our site is very shady with lots of luscious greenery surrounding us. The campground is quiet and well maintained.

We’re enjoying family time and the simple life. However it is HOT!! I miss the ocean breezes of NS and hope COVID doesn’t stop us from travelling east next summer! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer months despite the extreme heat. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and keep your cool in the warm days ahead!

Enjoy the pictures below of our home away from home!


I’m part of the sandwich generation; the ones who are caring for elderly parents while at the same time raising children. Sadly both my father and father in law have dementia and can no longer stay in their homes. While I was unable to do much to help my sister empty out our family home (it’s several provinces away), I have been trying to do my part in helping my husband and his siblings clear out their family home (packed with several generations of stuff).

One important lesson I am taking away from this process is to simplify! We have too much stuff and I do not want to leave my daughter with the clean up job we’ve been left to do for our parents. The job of clean up can seem overwhelming but I’m approaching it one room at a time.

Today I started the kitchen; really how many bowls do I need? As I go through things I’m focusing on the exercise I’m getting reaching, bending, packing, lugging, going up and down stairs. While i don’t expect to or feel the need to lose pounds I feel a weight lifting off my shoulders by getting rid of things I don’t need.

By simplifying my stuff I hope to simplify my life; less time cleaning and more time doing the things that are important and the things I love; spending time with family and friends, blogging, establishing my Body Positive support group and even exploring the idea of motivational speaking about the body positive movement.

I think when I’m surrounded by less stuff I’ll be a happier and more carefree person; I’ll be able to spend more time on caring for my curvy self and those I love!

Who’s going to join me in cleaning up and clearing out? How could you simplify your life?

As you work remember to Be pretty, Plus and Proud!