Tuesday Plus Size OOTD

I love being comfortable but stylish! These cropped jeans from Maurices in a size 18 are cute and comfortable! My sweatshirt from Aerie is SO soft! I love the camouflage print! It’s a size L. Earrings are from AE.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and have fun with fashion no matter what size you are!

My Feel Better Buy

On Tuesday evening I had to go into Toronto for a routine MRI appointment for my MS. I HATE THAT MACHINE!!!!! I know hate is a strong word but it’s the plain and honest truth. I hate laying flat on my back (makes me dizzy), I hate having my head strapped down and not being able to move for 25 minutes. I hate that it’s warm and confining. I hate that the noise is so loud you feel like you’re being shot by machine guns.

So needless to say I was not looking forward to Tuesday evening! My husband and I arrived early for the appointment and being the super, wonderful guy that he is, he sped to the Eatons’ Center, straight to the Torrid store for a little shopping trip to ease my pain, lol! Totally made the hideous trip worth it!. So in today’s post I’ve included a few pictures of what I purchased and some options on how to style them. Right now Torrid is BOGO 1/2 off and you earn Haute Cash for some future good deal shopping! Haute Cash is coupons for $25 off every $50 you spend.

Picture #1 – I paired this bright pink baseball t with distressed jeans (Forever 21), a black statement necklace (Aldo Accessories) and black hoops (Suzy Shier). The top was 41.50 but got it for 20.75 with BOGO 1/2 off, the item # is 10382733 and it’s a size 1.EnaSept271

Picture #2 – I first paired this pastel pink t with the same distressed jeans, a chunky floral necklace (Suzy Shier) and gold hoops (Torrid). The top was 44.50, item # is 10412042 and it’s a size 1.


Picture #2 – Same pink top and jeans but I changed out the necklace for a leopard print infinity scarf with hints of pink in it (Reitmans) and changed the gold hoops for black rhinestone hoops (Addition Elle). 


Picture #3 – The jewellery I bought at Torrid; gold hoops, reg. 17.50, got them 1/2 price with BOGO 1/2 off, item # 10192980 and the Barbie lipstick long chain necklace for $27.50, item # 1040801.


Look these items up on the Torrid website; my pictures don’t do them justice especially the pink one.

Enjoy the pics (as amateur as they are). Let me know if you like the way I styled them. How would you wear these pieces?

Until next time, Be pretty, Plus and Proud! 

Fasion Show – Forever 21

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

As I hinted on Friday, today’s post is a mini fashion show in the change room at Forever 21! Fashion, love it!

Cozy warm sweater with a hint of lace at the hem

Cozy warm sweater with a hint of lace at the hem

I drove to Forever 21 to check out what was new in their plus size section. I like Forever 21 because their prices are affordable, their plus size section is fairly large so there are a lot of options, and their styles are on trend for all you fashionistas out there. I went out looking for tops and jeans. Unfortunately, the jeans I saw online were not available in store. While that was disappointing, I did find several tops to try on. I wanted to buy them all but alas I didn’t win the lottery so I had to choose.

Light weight white sweater with lace hem

Light weight white sweater with lace hem

Personally I like a lot of different styles, which you can tell by the photos. (I apologize for the poor photo quality… I need more practice and possibly a new phone with a better camera). I like feminine, flirty, trendy and edgy. If I put something on and immediately feel comfortable, confident and beautiful, I know I’ve found a winner. My daughter says I’m too old to wear some of the stuff I like but I say fashion has no age limit just like style has no size boundaries. Wear what you like and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Light weight grey sweatshirt with faux white shirt layer hem

Light weight grey sweatshirt with faux white shirt layer hem

What’s your style? Don’t know yet or still figuring it out? No problem! Get to your favorite store and start trying on different things. You might end up liking something you never would have expected. Buy it and Be Pretty, Plus and Proud in that stunning new outfit!

Blue long sleeve t-short with drawstring at hem

Blue long sleeve t-short with drawstring at hem

Can you guess which top I bought? Which one do you think looks best? I’ll reveal my purchase choice in tomorrow’s post!

Light weight pink sweater with lace hem

Light weight pink sweater with lace hem

In the meantime, be Bold, Be Beautiful!

Fashion Frustrations

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Question of the day: As a plus size woman, what are some of your greatest sources of frustration?

Perhaps small airplane seats? Tight restaurant booths? Getting a date? Getting a job? Finding clothes that fit, flatter and are affordable? People pointing, staring or making rude comments? Small bathroom stalls? Small dressing rooms?

Every plus size woman has probably dealt with, or continues to deal with, these problems and more.

One of my personal frustrations is plus size retail designers who seem to assume that every plus size woman is 10 feet tall and has big feet. Plus size clothes are usually too long for my short 5 ft. 1 inch body, so on top of the usual higher cost of the clothing, I have to pay for alterations. I have to say, I’m liking the current crop top trend because crop tops are usually not crop on me! This means that, for once, they land at my waist instead of flowing down to my knees. Shoes are always too big for my size 6 foot. With the wider width, and most shoes at plus size stores starting at size 7, my little feet end up going for a swim.

Share your pet peeves and solutions/tips & tricks if you have any!

Have an awesome weekend, and as always, be bold! Be beautiful! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!

P.S. Be sure to check out Monday’s post! Hint: Styling it!

Off to do research for Monday's post!

Off to do research for Monday’s post!

Welcome to Canada, Torrid!

For all you plus size fashionistas out there I have exciting news to share with you (if you don’t already know). “Torrid” has arrived in Canada, and has opened its first store in Toronto’s Eatons’ Center!

Me, about to enter shopping heaven!

Me, about to enter shopping heaven!

I was up at the crack of dawn (which for me is somewhat of a miracle, I am not a morning person) to make the crazy commute into the big city to witness this momentous occasion.

Some of you may be asking yourselves “Torrid?” Let me answer that question with these words: “Plus size shopaholics dream come true!” because if you like trendy fashion styles and the latest designs Torrid is the retailer for you.

I was in shopping heaven! The store opened with all the fanfare of a red carpet movie premiere. I was surrounded by Torrid’s top models Geo and Phil (so nice!), lots of bloggers (Karyn from Killer Kurves being one of them), and lots of beautiful ladies enjoying the shopping heaven just like me.

Me and Torrid Models - Geo (right) and Phil (Left)

Me and Torrid Models – Geo (right) and Phil (Left)

Me and blogger Karyn from Killer Kurves

Me and blogger Karyn from Killer Kurves

This is one fashion retailer that is taking the plus size world by storm! Torrid tells us curvy gals that we can wear skinny jeans, cropped tops, stripes, patterns, bold colors and statement jewellery just like everyone else, and they are right! We can, and SHOULD!

Most of the prices were comparable to other Canadian plus size retailers. Of the few items that are a bit more expensive, the array of different choices makes the slight additional cost worth bearing. There was also a great sale section for the ladies on a budget.

If this doesn’t sound like your thing maybe its time to step out of your comfort zone. Be bold, be beautiful; Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!

What do you think of Torrid? Did you know they were coming to Canada? Were you at the opening? Share your thoughts!

Happy shopping ladies and Torrid, Welcome to Canada!

It was so beautiful! The kind of place you want to say "Just give me one of everything!"

It was so beautiful! The kind of place you want to say “Just give me one of everything!”