Torrid Outfit of the Day

Today’s post is an outfit video. It’s been a long, tough week after the loss of our dog last weekend so I just didn’t have it in me to write today. We did go out for a bit just to clear our heads so I hope you like my outfit today! Thanks for all the support and kind words for the passing of our girl!

Welcome to Canada, Torrid!

For all you plus size fashionistas out there I have exciting news to share with you (if you don’t already know). “Torrid” has arrived in Canada, and has opened its first store in Toronto’s Eatons’ Center!

Me, about to enter shopping heaven!

Me, about to enter shopping heaven!

I was up at the crack of dawn (which for me is somewhat of a miracle, I am not a morning person) to make the crazy commute into the big city to witness this momentous occasion.

Some of you may be asking yourselves “Torrid?” Let me answer that question with these words: “Plus size shopaholics dream come true!” because if you like trendy fashion styles and the latest designs Torrid is the retailer for you.

I was in shopping heaven! The store opened with all the fanfare of a red carpet movie premiere. I was surrounded by Torrid’s top models Geo and Phil (so nice!), lots of bloggers (Karyn from Killer Kurves being one of them), and lots of beautiful ladies enjoying the shopping heaven just like me.

Me and Torrid Models - Geo (right) and Phil (Left)

Me and Torrid Models – Geo (right) and Phil (Left)

Me and blogger Karyn from Killer Kurves

Me and blogger Karyn from Killer Kurves

This is one fashion retailer that is taking the plus size world by storm! Torrid tells us curvy gals that we can wear skinny jeans, cropped tops, stripes, patterns, bold colors and statement jewellery just like everyone else, and they are right! We can, and SHOULD!

Most of the prices were comparable to other Canadian plus size retailers. Of the few items that are a bit more expensive, the array of different choices makes the slight additional cost worth bearing. There was also a great sale section for the ladies on a budget.

If this doesn’t sound like your thing maybe its time to step out of your comfort zone. Be bold, be beautiful; Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!

What do you think of Torrid? Did you know they were coming to Canada? Were you at the opening? Share your thoughts!

Happy shopping ladies and Torrid, Welcome to Canada!

It was so beautiful! The kind of place you want to say "Just give me one of everything!"

It was so beautiful! The kind of place you want to say “Just give me one of everything!”

Welcome to our journey!

Welcome to the beginning of your new wonderful life as a plus size woman! OR maybe you already know you have a wonderful life as a plus size woman and are here to share, laugh, encourage, hug and teach! Everyone is welcome.

Together we’ll explore the world of plus size fashion to dress up our beautiful bodies. Everyone loves to share and read tips on fashion, so jump in. Tell us your fashion passions!

We will also learn tips and tricks for applying makeup to flatter our beautiful faces, because makeup is fun! Play with your look, be who you want to be, discover new looks! At the end of the day, wash your face and see how gorgeous you are without the makeup too – because makeup only enhances your natural beauty.

Most importantly we will inspire each other to try new activities, all the things that big girls are told they can’t do!

Here we will support, encourage, share, laugh, love and sometimes even cry. We will be us – big, beautiful, passionate, fun, sexy, loving, kind, and awesome us.

Let’s be pretty, plus and proud! I can’t wait to start this journey with you!