I Hope…

Written by Brooke Hampton, posted by Poem Heaven and shared on Facebook.

Life is meant to be full of joyful, soul filling moments. You deserve to be happy and living a life that excites you. You should feel blessed and grateful for every day you get to experience. If your life is not what you planned for yourself and if you don’t wake up looking forward to the day ahead, then something needs to change. Only you can do that for yourself. You can’t rely on other people to make you happy. You must find or make your happiness.

Do things that you want to do. Fulfill your dreams not the dreams others imagine for you. Find your passion and live it every day. Believe in your abilities and talents and you will go exactly where you want to. Other people may try to influence your plans. They may try to project guilt on you for not doing things as they would do them or try to make you feel bad for leaving them behind to live your own life. That is not your burden to carry. It reflects on who they are, perhaps shedding light on their disappointments or dissatisfaction with their life. Again I say to you, their life or lack thereof is not your fault or problem to solve.

Some my try to shake your confidence saying you’re not good enough to do the things you dream of. Rubbish!! You are deserving and more than worthy of any life you want. It is never too late to chase rainbows!

I hope and pray that today is a happy one. I hope you laugh, accomplish goals, enjoy the company of people who love you, accept and embrace you and who encourage and lift you. I hope you have adventures full of wonderful memories to reflect on. I hope you experience magic, the kindness of strangers and the joyful feeling of living a life you love and can’t wait to wake up to with each sunrise.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and conquer your day with a smile and a determination to make it an experience worth shouting about!


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