Choose People Wisely

Image courtesy of found on Pinterest.

Never change who you are to make other people comfortable or more accepting of you. Your job is not to look a certain way or act a certain way to please others. Your job is to choose you, accept you and be yourself always and then choose people who choose you just the way you are.

Image courtesy of found on Pinterest.

Pick people to be around who like your quirky ways or your unique sense of style. Pick people who laugh at your corny jokes or who encourage you to do what makes you happy and not just what is easy for other people to accept or understand or makes them happy.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of who you are from top to bottom, inside and out. Refuse to change when others pressure you to. Stay true to yourself and if people don’t like it, show them the way out. You deserve better!

Image courtesy of Carla’s Funky Art found on Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Choose People Wisely

  1. It’s a gorjess life says:

    I love this blog so much! I totally agree with choosing people who accept you for you. For me I love people who are upbeat and who have a active lifestyle because it makes me want to keep bettering myself in that department. Their energy makes me more energetic and it’s crazy awesome!

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