Hey, Did You Miss Me?

Hey everyone! How have you all been? It’s been two weeks since I last wrote a blog post and I’ve missed you all tremendously! You’re probably asking, “Where the heck have you been?” I can answer that question with two simple words, vacation and sick.

We had our spring break two weeks ago and decided to spend it in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, where our daughter will be attending university next year. While it was nice to get a change of scenery, not two days into the trip and I find myself sick with a cold. I NEVER get colds but of course I go on holiday and I get a cold. We ended up coming home a day early as I really was not feeling well and my husband was also starting to feel sick.

Upon coming home, after several days of worsening symptoms, I took myself to see a doctor and it was decided I had a sinus infection. Off I go to the drug store with a prescription for antibiotics. I am happy to report that I am feeling better, although definitely bummed that my only vacation of the year was not the getaway I was imagining.

Oh well, that’s life! 

So on to some positive thinking to start your week on the right foot. I came across this tidbit of positivity on Instagram posted by @bethanyzeitz:

Begin your day with an “I get to” mentality instead of a “I have to” thought process.  …I GET to go to work. I GET to have a busy day, whatever it may be. We often dress our opportunities as stress , but they are in fact blessings. 

Is this not so true?! Imagine the person with a chronic or life threatening illness wishing for a day like yours, busy doing daily chores, going to work, taking care of kids, etc. instead of lying in a bed in the hospital or at home, only wanting to be healthy to live a normal life. Imagine the homeless wishing they had a house like yours to clean, cook and sleep in. We grumble and complain but those of us that have a job, clothing on our back, food in our fridge and a roof over our head, really have nothing to complain about.  We should be grateful for that carpet we have to vacuum or that garden we have to weed. These things are not “have to’s”. These things are blessings!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of all the opportunities that come your way that may be disguised as stress but are beautiful blessings!


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