Tuesday Plus Size OOTD

I love being comfortable but stylish! These cropped jeans from Maurices in a size 18 are cute and comfortable! My sweatshirt from Aerie is SO soft! I love the camouflage print! It’s a size L. Earrings are from AE.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and have fun with fashion no matter what size you are!

My Feel Better Buy

On Tuesday evening I had to go into Toronto for a routine MRI appointment for my MS. I HATE THAT MACHINE!!!!! I know hate is a strong word but it’s the plain and honest truth. I hate laying flat on my back (makes me dizzy), I hate having my head strapped down and not being able to move for 25 minutes. I hate that it’s warm and confining. I hate that the noise is so loud you feel like you’re being shot by machine guns.

So needless to say I was not looking forward to Tuesday evening! My husband and I arrived early for the appointment and being the super, wonderful guy that he is, he sped to the Eatons’ Center, straight to the Torrid store for a little shopping trip to ease my pain, lol! Totally made the hideous trip worth it!. So in today’s post I’ve included a few pictures of what I purchased and some options on how to style them. Right now Torrid is BOGO 1/2 off and you earn Haute Cash for some future good deal shopping! Haute Cash is coupons for $25 off every $50 you spend.

Picture #1 – I paired this bright pink baseball t with distressed jeans (Forever 21), a black statement necklace (Aldo Accessories) and black hoops (Suzy Shier). The top was 41.50 but got it for 20.75 with BOGO 1/2 off, the item # is 10382733 and it’s a size 1.EnaSept271

Picture #2 – I first paired this pastel pink t with the same distressed jeans, a chunky floral necklace (Suzy Shier) and gold hoops (Torrid). The top was 44.50, item # is 10412042 and it’s a size 1.


Picture #2 – Same pink top and jeans but I changed out the necklace for a leopard print infinity scarf with hints of pink in it (Reitmans) and changed the gold hoops for black rhinestone hoops (Addition Elle). 


Picture #3 – The jewellery I bought at Torrid; gold hoops, reg. 17.50, got them 1/2 price with BOGO 1/2 off, item # 10192980 and the Barbie lipstick long chain necklace for $27.50, item # 1040801.


Look these items up on the Torrid website; my pictures don’t do them justice especially the pink one.

Enjoy the pics (as amateur as they are). Let me know if you like the way I styled them. How would you wear these pieces?

Until next time, Be pretty, Plus and Proud! 


Smile! It’s the beginning of a fabulous new day and you are BEAUTIFUL!

I’ve been looking at Pinterest for some time now and have been saving up some inspiring body positive quotes. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorites just to remind all you plus size beauties how truly remarkable and special you are, right now, in this moment, without changing a thing!

Read and enjoy and as always, now and forever, Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!

  • Looking into a mirror is not a reminder to bash your wonderful body!
  • Your body is not wrong, society is!
  • Confidence will make you happier than any diet ever will (so embrace your body!)
  • I do not need anyone else’s permission to feel glorious!
  • Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you’ve already got!
  • Life is way to short to spend another day at war with yourself!
  • Confidence is Beautiful, no matter your size, no matter your weight. Be confident in who you are and you’ll be BEAUTIFUL!

Do you have any favorite body positive quotes you’d like to share? Did you add to your list of body positive affirmations we started in yesterday’s post? 

I Am!

Far too often we as plus size women describe ourselves so negatively!

Today my beauties that’s going to change! 

I suggest you type out or copy the text below and every day look at it and pick a word to describe yourself for that day. Add other positive words of your choosing to help your list of positivity grow! Tape your lists to bathroom mirrors, bedroom mirrors, the fridge, any place you look at often so you are always reminded of the wonderful things you are!

So which one are you today?


Extraordinary, Strong, Wise, Confident, Valuable, Talented, Blessed, Accepted, Fearless, At Peace, Healthy, Young, Determined, Smart, Beautiful, Graceful, Am Leader, Successful, Head and Not Tail, Healer, Respectful, Light, Loved, Humble, Victorious, Optimist, Patient, Kind Loving…..

What would you add to the list? (Remember only positive thoughts!)

P.S. My sweater choice from Forever 21 was the pink one. Did you guess right?

Change …

Following yesterday’s blog post I have another question for you:

Do you need to change?

I say no, not unless YOU want to. Certainly not because someone else, who knows nothing about your private struggles, says you should. Not even those closest to you have the right to ask or tell you to change. No one else knows what’s inside your head or heart.

YOU can choose to make changes if you want to, or if you feel you need to. You can also choose to simply accept, embrace and love who you are in this moment.

Personally, I’m choosing to embrace who I am. Not to say I won’t take care of myself, but I refuse to be chained to a diet program. I refuse to count calories, weigh and measure my food or stress about how much activity I can fit into my day. If I feel like eating an apple I will, but if I feel like eating an ice cream I’ll eat that too and enjoy every single lick; no guilt! If I have some extra energy I’ll do some yoga but If I’m tired, I give myself permission to rest; again no guilt!

So after reading this post I hope it helps you choose what is best for you, and always remember whatever you choose you are always Pretty, Plus and Proud!

What are your thoughts on changing?

Enjoy every moment - you can't get past moments back.

Enjoy every moment – you can’t get past moments back.

Pleased to meet you – My story

Today I’d like to tell you all a little about myself.

My name is Ena. I am a proud Canadian, plus size, petite woman who has a passion for fashion and all things beauty; not just exterior beauty but developing your inner beauty as well.

My first body shaming experience occurred when I was 13 years old and I’ve been battling my weight and self image ever since.

I find myself currently at a time in my life when I realize that I’ve been searching for something I already am; BEAUTIFUL!

I’m learning to love all my curves, bumps and rolls. I’m learning to love the things this body has done for me. This body brought a child into this world, it’s battled MS, it gives  and receives love, it’s taken care of the sick and celebrated many of life’s good moments.

My body tells my story and it’s an interesting one. I wouldn’t trade it or change it for anything. Love yourselves ladies just the way you are! Your body deserves it! 

Please, share your stories with me!

Mixed bag of brands I'm wearing today: shorts & necklace from Penningtons; tank top & earrings from Addition Elle; cropped sweater from Torrid.

Mixed bag of brands I’m wearing today: shorts & necklace from Penningtons; tank top & earrings from Addition Elle; cropped sweater from Torrid.

Welcome to our journey!

Welcome to the beginning of your new wonderful life as a plus size woman! OR maybe you already know you have a wonderful life as a plus size woman and are here to share, laugh, encourage, hug and teach! Everyone is welcome.

Together we’ll explore the world of plus size fashion to dress up our beautiful bodies. Everyone loves to share and read tips on fashion, so jump in. Tell us your fashion passions!

We will also learn tips and tricks for applying makeup to flatter our beautiful faces, because makeup is fun! Play with your look, be who you want to be, discover new looks! At the end of the day, wash your face and see how gorgeous you are without the makeup too – because makeup only enhances your natural beauty.

Most importantly we will inspire each other to try new activities, all the things that big girls are told they can’t do!

Here we will support, encourage, share, laugh, love and sometimes even cry. We will be us – big, beautiful, passionate, fun, sexy, loving, kind, and awesome us.

Let’s be pretty, plus and proud! I can’t wait to start this journey with you!