Find Your Happy


Image courtesy of  just_lovely_and_delicious on Instagram.

There will always be someone who will want to squash your enthusiasm, burst your dream bubble and generally spread gloom and doom all around you. Those are the people whose lives have taken a nose dive and they want to drag as many people as they can to the bottom with them including you. There will always be people who think they know best and will want to share their misplaced intelligence all over your head. There will always be people who will judge and find you lacking in some way, simply because they lack confidence, so they think making others feel bad is a good way to make themselves look better.

I’m telling you today, don’t let anyone rob you of the happiness you deserve. You deserve a rewarding career, supportive family and friends, interesting and fulfilling hobbies and most of all love. You deserve every wish to come true, every dream to be a reality and every desire for yourself to be yours. You deserve to wake up each morning with an eagerness for how a new day will unfold. You deserve to lay your head on the pillow at night with thoughts of all the joy the day past has brought you. You deserve it no matter what shape or size you are. You deserve it no matter what colour or sex you are. You deserve it no matter where you come from, what religion you practice or who you choose as a life partner. If you are a kind person who thinks often of others, you deserve the same in return. If you are a helpful friend or neighbour, then you deserve the same treatment in return. Unless you are a mean, cold-hearted person, there is no reason happiness shouldn’t be yours.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and find your happiness because you deserve it and don’t let anyone take it away from you or say you are not worthy of it.


Fashion Fun – Out of the Box

I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to what I wear. I may be 51 but no old lady clothing for this gal. I love exploring new trends and living outside my comfort zone every now and then. It’s good to wow people once in awhile with something unexpected. Lately I’ve been exploring the world of hats. I never really liked them before but for some reason they have captured my attention.


I bought the camel colour felt hat on the left as part of a Torrid clearance haul not too long ago.

I also rocked some awesome stitch front leggings with a crop top to a body positive event in Toronto last Saturday.


Top is from Penningtons and pants from Torrid.

Who doesn’t love a little camouflage?


Pants and top from Torrid, jacket is thrifted.

Or a little sexy surprise in the back?



Top and leggings from Torrid. 

Fashion has no size, shape or age limits. Wear what you love and Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of your fashion choices and daring out of the box surprises.

Cocktails with Antoinette


Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a body positive event called, “Cocktails with Antoinette”. Antoinette (featured in the above photo in the centre) shared her personal journey of finding body positivity and spent the day interviewing other women who have had a very positive and public impact on the body positive movement. The format of having panelists being interviewed fostered the environment in which everyone attending felt comfortable sharing stories, opinions, thoughts and experiences. Lively and thoughtful discussions were definitely the theme of the day and I came away with new ideas and perspectives on what it means to be body positive and how I can impact my community of subscribers and followers in a positive way.

About Antoinette:


Panelists included Jewelz, Chantell, Sara, Ro and Ophilia. Read more about these amazing  women below:



I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jewelz on several occasions. She is a passionate, fierce and motivating woman in the body positive community!


Ro Reid:


I’ve never met Ro before but listening to her speak was most definitely inspiring!


Sara Sohail:


Sara is a Canadian powerhouse in the world of body positivity!


Ophilia Allyene:


I’ve had the honour of meeting this fabulous woman at a few other events. She’s always a pleasure to speak to and is another strong example of where self-confidence can lead you. 


Chantell Kubin:


Chantell is a creative and intelligent entrepreneur who designs jewellery for all sizes so every woman can feel beautiful.


Media and Style Sponsors:


Other sponsors included U.P. Beauty (see my lovely door prize below), Asili Naturals and the lovely Annika Re (owner and CEO at Stylish Apparel and creative writer of The Stylish Reid) pictured in the first photo above on the left and below with Ophilia and Antoinette.



Another attendee, Amber, is at the beginning of her plus size modelling career. Find her on Instagram @ambertailors


Everyone received these lovely swag bags for attending! Lots of awesome goodies!


I also won this lovely door prize pictured above; body scrub and body butter! Very exciting to be chosen! 


Antoinette’s next event On May 19th will be all about tips and tricks on becoming a plus size model. 

Learn more about Antoinette:

Instagram @cocktailswithantoinette

FaceBook @cocktailswithantoinette

Twitter @cocktailswithan1

Thanks to Antoinette, the panelists and guests for making this such an inspiring and motivational way to spend a Saturday!

Informational photos courtesy of Cocktails with Antoinette program of the day, issue no. 21, Feb. 17, 2018.


I Tucked in my Shirt!

Big news everyone: I tucked my shirt into my pants today! No I’m not kidding, I actually did it. To us fat people (or insert whichever descriptive term you are most comfortable using) tucking shirts into pants is a daring feat. Who wants to let their belly rolls hang out without the safe coverage of a loose-fitting top? I certainly wouldn’t until today. For the first time I put my outfit on that I had envisioned in my head and didn’t second guess if it made me look fat or wasn’t flattering. I put it together, put it on, took my picture and headed out the door. I felt confident and didn’t care what anyone else may be thinking of how I looked. You know what? No one stared. No one laughed. No one pointed. The world didn’t collapse because a big girl tucked her shirt into her pants. So I urge you to join me and be a rebel; tuck your shirt into your pants. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and be proud to show off those curves. Don’t hide them under tops that are too big and jeans that pool around your ankles.


Torrid joggers in size 1, Torrid t-shirt in size 2, jacket is thrifted, all jewellery from Torrid. 

Exciting News!


Exciting news: I have another Body Positive Workshop event on June 13th in Oshawa at the Legends library! I am beyond excited to have another opportunity to share my self-love journey and help others on their own body positive journey!


I’ll talk a little about how I got to this place in my life where I am finally comfortable in my own skin and know I am worthy and good enough just as I am. We’ll discuss what being body positive is and is not. Most importantly, I’ll lead my attendees through some fun and motivational activities that will help them accept and love their shape and size. I have a few months to work on making this event an amazing experience for everyone who takes time out of their busy schedules to attend! Send me some positive vibes please!


Thanks to all my subscribers and social media followers. Your constant positive feedback and comments gives me the courage and motivation to keep on travelling this amazing journey that started a little over two years ago when I put fingers to keys and wrote my first blog post. You all make me feel Pretty, Plus and Proud, not just of myself but all of you who choose to travel the journey with me!


No Other Words Are Needed


What else needs to be said?  Accept yourself, know your worth, understand your faults and appreciate the good and wonderful masterpiece that you are. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of yourself from top to bottom, inside and out!

Image courtesy of forwardethos on Instagram.

Friday Humour

At last another Friday has rolled around. For those living in Ontario and perhaps some other provinces, Monday is Family Day, so we have a long weekend to look forward to. YAY! We have a few plans, of which I will tell you all about next post. Suffice to say it will be a fun weekend of time together with family and friends. I hope you have a nice few days off ahead of you, whether you’re going out or snuggling in at home. Whatever you are planning, I thought I would send you off into the weekend with a bit of humour. The quote below totally sums up how I feel!


Wouldn’t that be nice for us shopaholics, lol! Image found on Instagram. 

Remember no matter how thick your thighs are or how many rolls your tummy has, you are beautiful. You are one of a kind just like a diamond so shine bright and Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!