What Are You Doing to Impact Someone’s Life in a Positive Way?

There are all kinds of people who make this world go around. There are people who can be kind, helpful, dependable, generous and positive influences in their relationships with friends, family or even strangers on the street. They are the kind of people you enjoy being around. They are the kind of people you want to have as friends. You know they have your back and will be there when you need them. Likewise, you’ll feel more apt to be there for them in a crisis. You bask in their joy and positivity.

Then there are the people who are users, abusers, selfish, self-centred, undependable, untrustworthy and negative. They suck the life out of you every time you are in their presence. They take and take without giving anything in return. They are constantly seeking reassurance and help for problems that never get solved or go away. Life for them is a constant set of bad circumstances from which they are always seeking your help to get out of. They exude negativity and are not people you want to spend a lot of time with.

Where do you fall? Sometimes it’s not so black and white. Probably many of us fall somewhere in between. While we seek to be positive people, sometimes life gets you down and you sink. The key though is not to stay there. We can’t be happy all the time but we can certainly try. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the victim trap all the time. If you have problems, don’t just complain about them. Do something to solve them. Seek professional help if you must but don’t just tread in negativity. That’s the difference between someone who’s a constant user and someone who is a giver. Users take but don’t do anything with what they are given. Givers take, solve the issue, reciprocate when needed and go on living life.

If you have chronic or debilitating illnesses, being a taker is an easy role to fall into, sometimes without even meaning to. Depression, anxiety and a multitude of diseases can sink you into a hole that can be very difficult to find a way out of. It’s difficult but not impossible. Sometimes, if we can take on the job of spreading positivity by helping, we can begin to see a light at the end of our tunnel. Focus on someone else’s needs for a minute. Helping others can make us feel better about ourselves and may be the key to healing our user mentality.

What will you do today to impact someone’s life in a positive way? Will you help a neighbour shovel snow, bring some groceries to a housebound friend, volunteer at a food bank, help out in your child’s classroom, offer to take grandma to church or bring treats to the nursing home? Will you smile at a stranger at the bus stop, compliment the woman standing at cash on her hairdo or pay for someone’s coffee in the drive through behind you? We all have problems and it’s fine to share them and seek advice but don’t let it become the only thing you do in your relationships. People need some give and some take, a balance between the two. Try to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and a positive light in your relationships.


Start the New Year Positive!

Who’s already tired of all the diet and gym membership commercials and mailbox flyers, urging you to change your body, to get “healthier”? My hand is up! Let’s block those images from our minds, shall we? Don’t fall prey to these evil influences. You don’t need to change your body to be better, more successful, happier, more talented or beautiful. You already have or are these things with the body you have right now. Losing weight will make you thinner but it doesn’t guarantee you will be better at anything else. Lose weight if YOU want to, not because a TV commercial says you should.

Lose weight if your doctor says you should for medical reasons. No one wants high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure. If, however, you are otherwise healthy and happy, then why change? Why spend hundreds of dollars on quick fix diet programs, only to fail and then hate yourself for failing? Why spend money on gym memberships you’ll likely only use a handful of times and hate using anyways?


Instead, go outside. Enjoy a winter walk or toboggan ride. Learn to skate or ski. Build a snowman or snow angels with your kids. All of this stuff is free and so much more fun. Check the internet for yummy new recipes and try some foods you’ve never had before. This would be so much tastier than premade meals in a box or counting points or calories. Enjoy your food and don’t worry about how much the food on your plate weighs.

Let 2018 be the year you ditch the diet mentality and just live your life. Let this be the year you are Pretty, Plus and Proud of the body you have and the person you are, just as you are! Start the New Year positive by thinking positive, accepting only positive vibes and surrounding yourself with positive people. There’s no room for negativity in 2018!


Both images courtesy of positivepeoplearmy on Instagram. 

Be Aware


Image courtesy of just_lovely_and_delicious from Instagram.

It’s always easier, less work to focus on our negative qualities than to see the good things about ourselves. We’re so used to comparing ourselves to others and finding ourselves fall short, that to see ourselves any other way is a huge challenge.

Let’s start 2018 by opening our eyes, looking at other people and see ourselves they way do; beautiful, smart, accomplished, talented. kind. devoted, generous and strong. Let’s open our ears and hear the compliments sent our way. Let’s take the time to acknowledge that people see wondrous things in us and as a result of being more aware, accept that we are truly more special than we ever give ourselves credit for. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and truly believe it for it is the absolute truth, no doubt about it!

What Does Dieting Do To Us?

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Julie de Rohan

Uh-oh, it’s January.

The time of year when, even if you’ve been doing really well normalising your relationship with food, you can suddenly find yourself bingeing again.

Why? Because in January it’s impossible to escape the barrage of adverts for slimming clubs, weight-reduction schemes and meal replacement products. Social media is abuzz with the latest celebrity eating plans, while endless newspaper and magazine articles try to convince us of the new wonder diet “that really works”.

The message screamed at us from every avenue is a New Year, a New You, a New Life, a Slimmer You, a Better You, a Better Life. Fat = miserable, slim = happy. So get on board, people.

Despite the fact that you’ve tried every weight-loss plan under the sun and have only ever lost weight then put it on again you think about going on another diet, or going back to one that hasn’t…

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Help One Person at a Time


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Sometimes as body positive advocates on social media, one can get caught up in the number of followers or subscribers you have. It’s easy to focus on how many are viewing your content rather than how many you are helping. I have fallen prey to this myself, wondering how I can increase my following, make my audience larger, rather than concentrating on the comments or feedback on who I have affected and why.

As an advocate, do I want attention and accolades or do I want to have a positive impact on changing the face of what we deem as beautiful? I must admit that the attention is alluring. However, I am reminded daily that helping one person feel better about themselves is just as important as helping many. One person’s self-esteem is just as important as that of a crowd of people. Perhaps, by aiding one, the act propels itself forward, like a chain letter. I started my journey simply wanting to share my feelings and experiences as a plus size woman. I then reached out to women within my community and while I didn’t have a huge response, the ones I have met with tell me all the time how I have changed their life for the better. How can I not feel proud of that?  These women I now call friends and there is nothing more alluring or satisfying as making new friends.

So, if you are a blogger, a YouTube or Instagram figure or public speaker, know that you are making a very real difference no matter the number of followers you have. One is just as important as one hundred. The point is, you are taking action and changing the world. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of the love you are spreading one small post at a time.

Who Are You?

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Julie de Rohan

Excluding how you look, who are you? Take a minute to think about it, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Are you drawing a blank? If so, you’re not alone. Generally, people with overeating issues have little or even no idea who they really are. They’re so focused on what’s outside of them – their appearance – that they rarely consider what’s going on inside. They’re also very quick to dismiss their positive qualities and yet are world champions at identifying their supposed “defects”.

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Ways to Support Your Favourite Bloggers Without Spending a Cent. Please Share! #bloggers

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Greetings all 🙂

Today I would like to discuss a topic that I know has occurred to many of us, at one point or another. It’s actually something I’ve been wondering about myself for quite awhile. You see, I’ve come to realize that, although I don’t have the disposable income to purchase through affiliate links, spend 18 hours a day liking everything, or subscribe to youtube channels I don’t love – I would like to support those bloggers who I have come to know and respect here in the blogosphere. How does one do that without having any money? Easy. There are actually many different ways and all of them only require 1….maybe 2 mouse clicks and all in less than a minutes time. You CAN support your favorite bloggers without hardly any effort and absolutely no money. So what’s stopping you?

Here are a few ideas:

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