Monday Morning Blues

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Raise your hand if you’re feeling the Monday morning blues? Feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed at all that you have to accomplish this week? Well you’re not alone because I’m feeling that way today too.

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I have laundry piled to the ceiling (only a slight exaggeration, lol). We have to empty out our travel trailer and winterize it. I have floors that need cleaning, plants that need watering and a dishwasher that needs emptying but will no doubt fill up again quickly. I have meals to plan and cook and a puppy that needs a watchful eye any time she’s awake so all my chores have to be done in spurts during nap time. My kitchen cupboards need a wipe down and the house needs a dusting. Yikes, I’m exhausted without even doing anything yet!

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One moment, one day and one job at a time. What tricks do you have up your sleeve to motivate you when all you want to do is hide under the bed covers? I try to remind myself that it doesn’t have to all be done in a day. I try to delegate jobs. I try to include time for self-care. Sometimes I just sit and do none of it hoping the next day I’ll have more omph in my step!

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What will I do on a gloomy and rainy Monday? I’m going to try and get off my butt and be productive but for now I’m Pretty, Plus and Proud to just be writing my blog and hoping you all will comment with words of support and encouragement! I need a little extra love today! Thanks my friends!


Struggles Have A Purpose

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Struggles, conflict, disappointment, curves in the road, trauma and turmoil are not fun nor easy to go through. They stir up all the emotions, can be extremely stressful, sometimes life threatening and scary.

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Struggles do have a purpose though if we choose to see deeper then the problem. It is through how we deal with life’s upheavals that we can become stronger and better versions of ourselves. Maybe we even become the person we were meant to be all along. Conflict shows us who we are and what we’re made of. It teaches us that we are braver then we thought.

Don’t fear the difficult moments but face them with confidence and Be Pretty, Plus and Proud knowing you’re going to make it. Maybe you’ll have to ask for help but know there is nothing wrong with that. We are not an island and life’s journey is better when we have people walking with us to lean on when the path is rough.

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Telling You All The Things

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Today I’m telling you all the things you may need to hear but no one else is saying them. So in case you need these affirmations today, read on:

1. You’re doing great! Whatever you are doing pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

2. I believe in you! You’re amazing and full of untapped potential!

3. Whatever is challenging you today, you got this!

4. You are enough just as you are. No need to change a thing.

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Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and slay the day!

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Stop The Madness!

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Your body will change a million times before you leave this earth. It will grow, get bruises, scraps and scars. It will be get bigger sometimes and sometimes smaller. Your skin will stretch leaving marks behind. You will develop moles or beauty spots. Sometimes your skin will have acne and sometimes will be perfectly clear. You may break bones or get sick. You’ll get wrinkles and grey hair. You will age.

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Will you be at war with yourself through every change and metamorphosis your body goes through or can you learn to embrace the change and love your body anyway? We can sometimes hide the changes through hair dye and Botox but you can’t hide it all so why not just go with the flow, thank your body for its service and hard work and care for it lovingly and with gratitude.

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Be Pretty, Plus And Proud and be thankful you’re alive to experience life through all the changes of getting older. Some are not blessed with that time. Stop the madness and love your body and get on with enjoying this wonderful thing called life!

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