Change Can Be A Good Thing

Image shared on Pinterest by @camipaull

Change can be good but the most important part of yourself to work on in the fast approaching new year is who you are on the inside. Forget the fad diets, the mad rush to join a gym or signing up for surgeries. Unless you or your doctor have serious and legitimate concerns for your health, the outside of you is wonderful just the way it is.

The world needs serious help from you. It needs more kindness, compassion, empathy, justice and charity. These are the things you should cultivate and change if you feel yourself being more negative then positive or more selfish then giving.

The advice in the image above is an important reminder for all of us on how we should be and exist. Please take time to be nice to yourself and everyone you meet. Take time to find out who you really are and live as authentically as possible. Listen to those who you know love you unconditionally and truly have your best interests at heart and let anyone else go who only lives to bring you down. Live out your dreams and don’t be afraid to soar!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and remind yourself that you are beautiful, life is beautiful and you have the power to make life for those around you, (friends, family or strangers) beautiful too!


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