Don’t Hide Your Magic

Image found on a Facebook post.

Never be ashamed or embarrassed to let the whole world know who you really are! You may have some quirks not everyone will understand. Maybe your sense of humour isn’t something everyone will find amusing. Maybe the choices you make for yourself aren’t things everyone else would choose. Maybe some people think you are eccentric.

None of that matters. All the weird and unusual things about you are what make you unique and utterly beautiful! Yes, you are imperfect but darling, so is everyone else! Yes, maybe you’re a little weird but that makes you stand out in a world of boring sameness! Being different is a magical and wonderful way to be so don’t try to be anything other than your authentic self!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and embrace who you are because the world needs someone like you who breaks the mold and isn’t afraid of standing out and doing their own thing. You bring a richness the world is lacking.


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