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This week sadly marked the end of the longest reigning monarch in British history, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. I have seen so many negative and frankly quite rude comments about her and her passing. Regardless of what you may think of the royal family or the monarchy in general, one must remember that this woman was someone’s mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, sister and friend. We must be kind and respectful because her family is mourning her and the loss of someone dearly loved.

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I believe she was a stunning example of a strong and dedicated woman who kept a promise made on her coronation day, one that she strived to fulfill until her last breath. Did she always do the right thing? No. Did she make mistakes? Most probably yes. But no one is immune to error. Anyone in a position of power or difficult decision making will never get it always right and being in the public eye only serves to make your blunders all the more visible. There’s no denying she worked hard and tirelessly and for that she deserves admiration. Not everyone will agree and not everyone has to like her but we should be mindful that she has passed and people have deep sadness about it that we should respect.

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Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and as always, with this event or anytime in life, when you have the opportunity to be anything, choose kindness.

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