Hello September, Goodbye Summer!

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I know summer hasn’t officially ended but when September rolls around and the vacation is over, the sunny and warm season has come to an end, in my opinion.

We’re on our way home after a wonderful two month stay in NS! I have to admit I cried crossing the NS border, leaving behind the surf, sand and all the amazing friends and family I only get to see once a year. I know I’m very lucky to get to spend so much time on holiday but it’s never easy leaving the fun behind no matter how long or short the stay. I am grateful though and never take these precious moments for granted.

I am looking forward to seeing my daughter and all my friends and family at home. It will feel good to establish routines again, enjoy the cooler weather and all my favourite TV shows will be starting up again.

I hope everyone enjoyed some relaxation time this summer! What are you looking forward to this Fall? Below are some suggestions if you’re looking for ideas on how to best enjoy the change of seasons!

Image posted on Instagram by maranda_christine_

As always Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and be present in every moment as they fly by so quickly. No matter the season or day, do something fun! You deserve to live a joyful life!


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