The Holiday Continues

These past four days, my husband and I had the pleasure of sharing our summer home with a friend who flew in from Ontario to see Nova Scotia for the first time. It was a whirlwind tour of all my favourite places with a couple of surprise destinations too. Enjoy the pictures below of our four days of sightseeing! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer or time no matter what you may be doing! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and remember life is meant to be enjoyed not tolerated!

Lawrencetown beach in the fog! Surfers travel from all over the world to ride the waves here!

Seaside wharf with some sun breaking through the mist.

Peggy’s Cove!

Our little summer home sweet home!

Lucky to have a lovely beach at our campground!

Our campground is surrounded by beautiful trails through the woods and around the lakes.

The Chickenburger, a local diner operating since 1940.

I graduated from this university 34 years ago! Yikes, I feel old, lol!

A local pirate treasure hunting grounds now a popular TV show.

Nova Scotia, the home of my heart!

Most pictures courtesy of my friend pictured in today’s post!

4 thoughts on “The Holiday Continues

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Aww this is fab! I’m so glad you, hubby & your friend have been exploring and chilling out in your very cool summer home. It’s a gorgeous area that it’s in, isn’t it? Absolutely lovely, and you’ve got some fab photos 😊

    Caz xx

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