Because I Wanted To

Today I:

– slept in a little because I wanted to.

– swam because I wanted to.

– did yoga outside because I wanted to.

– ate some chips because I wanted to.

– ate an apple and yogurt because I wanted to.

– rode my bike because I wanted to.

– relaxed and read my book in the sun because I wanted to.

– went for a walk because I wanted to.

– drank my can of Diet Coke because I wanted to.

– drank a bottle of water because I wanted to.

I did all these things, some of which society has labeled as bad, because I wanted to. The movement was done, not because I felt I had to, but simply because I wanted to and it was fun. Everything I did today I enjoyed because no one pushed me to do anything differently. I didn’t allow anyone’s judgement of me to affect what I wanted this day to look like. I just did my things freely and with a smile on my face. Life can be amazing if you live your authentic self and live your life your way, not for others.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and do stuff because you want to, not because you have to or because someone else is controlling your every move. Be free and let go of your need for approval from people that don’t matter when it comes to making decisions for yourself about yourself. Your opinions, choices, beliefs and ideas are the ones that count. What will you do today simply because you want to?

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