Uncomplicated Life and Love

If you look at your pet, you will see and feel their uncomplicated and unconditional love. They don’t care about your extra lumps and bumps, your saggy skin, your scars or cellulite or the colour of your complexion. They just want your care and attention. Their life and needs are simple; food, water, a warm place to sleep, someone to play and walk with and the daily belly rub or chin scratch. Enjoying our summer holidays with our Morgan has been a wonderful adventure! She’s only a year old, so, many experiences are new for her and through her eyes I have come to appreciate again the things that many of us overlook; an ant crawling on the ground, the sounds of birds in the sky, the scent of foliage and flowers, the feel of cool water on my toes and taking time to rest and recharge.

Today, I hope you are feeling Pretty, Plus and Proud and are taking the time to rest, relax and enjoy the simple and uncomplicated pleasures of life!

Here are some pictures of our girl enjoying her summer holidays:

Trying her paw at paddle boarding!

Digging holes!

Experiencing her first bike ride!

Campfire cuddles!

Enjoying local sight seeing!

Ready for a rainy day walk!

6 thoughts on “Uncomplicated Life and Love

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 YOU!!! Lost Me at “want” SupaSoulSis; unconditional is an ambivalent term for, among, other things “DOING AS YOU ARE TOLD!!!” or Suffer The Consequences…a “pet” is obedient because they do as they are told; plenty of “plus size” folk are in very happy relationships because size doesn’t matter to them, what matters is the mental health and connection with the other, I wish YOU!!! Well in YOUR!!! continued battle combating Fat Shaming but, in summary, an enemy only Appears in Our Minds and when We Cease Battling The Enemy has to Turn InSide and Do Inner Work instead of Deriding Others as Do We


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    • Ena says:

      I was simply stating that we all need to slow down and enjoy and be grateful for the simple things in life like our pets. Has nothing to do with obedience or being plus size.

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