Happy Birthday Morgan!

Today this little girl is celebrating her first birthday! I often talk about focusing on things in life that bring you joy, things you are blessed with that fill your soul. Well this puppy fills my soul and my heart overflows with love and happiness! She is the sweetest puppy, so friendly, always on the lookout for making new friends. She’s gentle with children and seniors and playful with anyone willing to join her. She’s vocal only when she sees friends or threats but otherwise she’s a quiet girl.

Today she’s very fashionable with her birthday outfit and tolerated Mommy taking lots of pictures. She loves her presents, new toys from her family and her BFF.

Morgan also enjoyed yummy treats, a special cookie and a pupacino from Starbucks.

We definitely lucked out with this girl! She fits our family perfectly and we love her beyond measure! If I’m having a bad day, I look at her cute face and pull her into my lap for a cuddle and I immediately perk up. She makes every day brighter!

Happy 1st Birthday Morgan! May you have many years of fun adventures!!

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