Healing Is Possible

I had a conversation with someone several days ago that inspired me for today’s post. It was a sad conversation and I feel nothing but empathy for the battle this person has fought most of their life.

Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time a young girl was brought to a doctor for a checkup. After it was concluded the doctor wrote on the chart, in letters large enough for everyone to see, OBESE! Now imagine the embarrassment, the shame and the sadness this young girl must have felt in that moment and just imagine the relationship with food that young girl developed after that appointment.

That young girl would grow up to be someone who never felt comfortable or good enough or happy in their own skin. The woman she became continued to always be at battle with her body, dieting, restricting, fighting against who she was born to be, a curvy and beautiful woman. Money was spent on one failed diet program after another. Food was put into categories of good or bad, can have and can’t. Years were spent not eating birthday cake, desserts, yummy traditional food and replaced with only “healthy” food. Imagine the toll all this has taken on her mental and emotional health.

If she reads this today I want her to understand these things:

– You are beautiful and good enough just the way you are!

– You don’t need to change, society needs to change and understand beauty and health comes in all shapes and sizes.

– Food isn’t good or made and the choices you make about what to eat don’t fall into categories of good or bad. Food is nourishment and everything is allowed and okay in moderation. Eat chips today, maybe an apple tomorrow and an ice cream the next.

– Eat when you’re hungry. Listen to your body. Don’t deny it what it wants.

– Move your body because you love it not because you feel you have to and choose things you enjoy. The gym is not the only place movement counts.

– You have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. You are perfectly imperfect.

– You are loved and accepted for who you are on the inside but know the outside is worthy of love too.

– You have a right to take up space with the body you have right now.

– Be authentic. Be confident and Be Pretty, Plus and Proud because you are beautiful, strong, brave, talented, capable, kind and generous.

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I hope this woman’s relationship with food can be healed. I know it is possible and I know she is deserving of peace and happiness. If you are suffering like this woman and don’t know where to turn, perhaps a therapist who specializes in body image issues would be a good place to start. Share your feelings with loved ones you know you can trust and who will love and support you unconditionally. Have the conversations that will help you to heal and love food and yourself perhaps for the first time. You do deserve to be free; Free from negative thoughts of yourself, free from constantly thinking about food, free to live and be any way you want.

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