What Is Self-Love?

Self-love is more than just loving your body. It’s about loving your mind, your talents, your abilities, your personality, your life and everything you do and finally about the people you choose to share your life with. Your body actually has very little to do with self-love because all the other stuff is way more important!

What do I love about myself?

I love…

– my smile

– my green eyes

– my ability to comfort people in times of distress

– my writing skills

– my ideas

– my family and friends who support and love me unconditionally

– the life I have created

– my puppy who always makes me smile

– my interests like swimming, walking my dog, doing yoga, biking, camping, traveling, reading

– my unique sense of style

What do you love about yourself and your life?

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and love being you because you are worthy of self-love. You deserve to be happy in your own skin and in a life you create that brings you joy, satisfaction and peace.

Things I love that fill my soul with gratitude and pleasure:

My puppy, Captain Morgan!

My family!

Nova Scotia, the home of my heart!

Camping in our trailer!

And I love the uniquely beautiful me inside and out!

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