You Deserve To Smile Too

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It always feels good to make someone smile. Seeing someone’s face light up from a random compliment or an act of kindness never fails to brighten my day too.

Remember though, while you’re doing good deeds and spreading positivity to others, include yourself in the smile making business. What makes you happy? What brings you joy? What turns your frown upside down? Whatever it is, do more of it! You deserve to smile too! You are worthy of happiness too!

Today I spent time with a cherished friend, shopping and having lunch. Being in her company makes me smile and a little retail therapy doesn’t hurt either! What else makes me smile?

– spending time with my daughter on a girls’ day out

– dates with my hubby like movie night, an evening drive or grabbing dinner out

– walking and playing with my puppy

– visiting with family, sharing a meal, playing games and sharing laughs

– camping, riding my bike and swimming on a warm summer’s day

– writing my blog, creating YouTube content and receiving wonderful messages of support from people who feel better about themselves from what I do

– wearing a fabulous outfit and styling myself up

– getting a good haircut or beautiful nails

Your turn, tell me what makes you smile. Maybe your ideas will propel me to try something new.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud when you say or do something that helps someone have a better day, including doing things for yourself!


3 thoughts on “You Deserve To Smile Too

  1. C.J. Grasso says:

    I love love love this post! Spreading love, smiles, and kindness to others is one of the best things out there, including self-love ❤ One of my favorite things to do that puts a smile on my face is movie Mondays with the whole family. Where we put on a kid-friendly movie, pile up on the couch, and watch whatever movie we planned for that week. My four-year-old lights up like a Christmas tree when we ask him are you ready for movie Monday? He jumps around and gets so excited. It brings a huge smile to my face each time.

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