Summer Love

Image sent to me. Origin unknown.

No matter what your body looks like, you’re allowed to be cool and comfortable in the heat of summer. No one has the right to bully you or disrespect you for what you choose to wear or how you look in your choices. So put on the shorts and tank tops! Wear the bathing suit and go to the beach! Enjoy the summer months and don’t hide or feel ashamed of any part of you that is on display soaking up the vitamin D. We are all human and no one is perfect.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and have fun in the sun! Don’t hide yourself because just like everyone, you are worthy, deserving and good enough just as you are in any way you present yourself when you walk out your door. If anyone dares to comment negatively, smile and ignore. Their bad manners speaks volumes about the nasty person that they are and it has nothing to do with how amazing you are! They’re just jealous of your luscious curves!


One thought on “Summer Love

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Interesting EveryOne; there’s something about Giving People Orders such as “Keep YOUR!!! Mouth Shut” which (WITCH!!! 🧙 🪄🧹) is much worse than Fat Shaming that is also very wrong EveryBody, I AM a “Proud” Fatty and respond with “So What 🤔 ? ” and They Ask To Be My Friend or Flee


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