What Are You Called To Do

All images from KJV Bible app.

What are you called to do? Personally I feel called to write this blog. I feel God telling me to spread joy, positivity and kindness. I feel the need to help people feel better about who they are and encourage everyone to see similarities and possibilities instead of differences between people. We all need to be kind and love rather than fight and perpetuate anger.

Are you being asked to be a partner, parent, friend or devoted son/daughter/child? Is God asking you to heal people, build for people or design a better world? Is He asking you to grow food and feed the world’s population? Do you feel a desire to make people laugh, fix cars or sing? Whatever dream you have in your heart is God’s dream for you too. It is His desire to see you use your talents in a way that makes you happy and helps mankind.

Today, Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and stop ignoring your dreams for they are signs of what God is calling you to do. Be brave and confident that you can do anything you set your mind to. You can do hard things, anything with God walking beside you.


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