Torrid’s First Television Commercial

Torrid premiered their first TV ad during the Grammy Awards on Sunday. The screenshots below will give you an idea of what it was all about:

Torrid is more than a clothing store to many plus size women. It is an inspiration, a motivator, a source of support and encouragement. It’s a place where curvy women can shop in a judgement free zone and learn to love their body. Well fitting clothing and salespeople who look like you can transform buying a bathing suit or any piece of clothing from a dreaded chore to an enjoyable experience.

So say yes to dressing those curves in trendy, cute outfits. Say yes to living out your best life now. Say yes to trying new things. Say yes to adventures and stepping out of your comfort zone. Say yes to normal everyday kind of things that everyone else gets to do in whatever shape or size they are. Say yes to experiencing and no to hiding!

You are Pretty, Plus and Proud and worthy, good enough and deserving of a beautiful life full of self-love and unconditional love!

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