Where Is Happiness?

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Two things will rob you of true happiness in life:

1. Living in the past. When you live with regrets, are too hard on yourself for mistakes made or you hold onto anger and refuse to forgive, happiness will elude you. You must learn to accept that there are valuable lessons learned from mistakes and nothing comes from being harsh and unforgiving with yourself. Holding onto anger and not forgiving others hurts you far more than it hurts the person you’re upset with. All that pent up rage only serves to hurt you mentally, physically and emotionally so let it go and move on. As for regrets, start doing things now that your future self will be proud of and you won’t have to live with regrets later.

2. Observing others. When you compare yourself to others, hold back from living your best life because of fear of other people’s opinions or are always seeking approval from others, you will never be happy. Learn to trust yourself and depend on yourself for decisions and choices. Accept you are different than others and that’s okay. Know you are just as worthy as anyone. Don’t judge yourself against others. Everyone is unique and comparison will be the thief of your joy. Accept, embrace, respect and love yourself.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and find happiness within yourself through what you do, who you allow into your space and how you live your life your way. Happiness is simple if you just be yourself, give yourself and others grace and be patient and kind to yourself and others.

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