You Can Do Hard Things

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Loving yourself is a hard thing to do most days. We look in the mirror and see time catching up with us. Perhaps, like me, you see some grey hair or a few wrinkles. Perhaps, also like me, your body is showing signs of wear and tear; a stiff knee, arthritic fingers, weight from giving birth that you never got rid of or a belly from a few too many beers (not me, hate beer, lol). Maybe you have some scars from long ago accidents or some stretch marks and cellulite you didn’t have 20 years ago. Whatever it is you see in the mirror that displeases you, know you’re not alone. We all see the things we don’t like.

Look a little bit longer and see the things that you can appreciate. Yes, maybe you have some baby weight you didn’t get rid of but your body helped a miracle come to life. Maybe you have some grey hair and wrinkles but you have lived a life and have a lot of wisdom and adventure tales to share with the young people.

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You can do hard things and if loving yourself seems impossible, know that it’s hard but not beyond possibility. Practice daily positive affirmations. Speak lovingly about and to yourself. Give yourself lots of self-care time and watch your self-love blossom!

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Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and don’t shy away from the hard stuff. Your efforts will be worth the rewards!

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