Eat The Cake

Diets are doomed to not work and only leave you feeling even worse about yourself than before you started. The minute you start depriving yourself of anything you will start to crave it. When you crave, you will binge and then that’s the end of the diet because you’ll feel like a failure. Same with committing to working out every day. The minute you miss a session you will feel guilty and then embarrassed. There’s your money spent on a membership down the drain.

If you move towards intuitive eating and movement you can eat a piece of cake and not feel bad about it. If you allow yourself treats, you won’t crave them and then you won’t overindulge because your mind will know cake is available at any time. Move your body in a way you enjoy and when you feel like it and you’re more likely to continue on your health journey.

Image courtesy of Nutrition Resource found on Pinterest.

So please if you’re on a diet, I’m encouraging you to ditch it, eat cake and enjoy life. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and eat and move whatever and whenever. All in moderation and balance. Step away from the scales and calorie counters, packaged food and gym memberships.

Image courtesy of Love Yourself Towards Healthy found on Pinterest.

As always keep up with your health under the direction of a health care professional, especially if you or your doctor have concerns.

Image courtesy of Rachael Hartley Nutrition found on Pinterest.

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