Torrid Outfit of the Day

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3 thoughts on “Torrid Outfit of the Day

    • Ena says:

      To be honest I don’t know enough about it to form an opinion one way or another. I think like any business they have room for improvement but since finding them my confidence and how I feel about myself is so much better so I won’t be joining in the boycott. Everyone has to make their own choice, not being influenced by someone else’s opinion.

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      • It’s a gorjess life says:

        I agree. I just feel that they haven’t really listened to what anyone has said because they always seem to have the same basic styles. It used to be more fun back in the day when I first found them around 2006. Idk I think they need fresh ideas 💡. It’s still hard to find good shirts but I love their pants. I always wait for sales tho cause I can’t justify spending $70 on 1 pair of pants.

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