Everything Happens For A Reason!

Image courtesy of Bliss Quote found on Pinterest.

Call it what you will, fate or divine intervention but I believe that everything happens for a reason. We meet people at different times in our life that we need in that moment. Sometimes they stick around but sometimes when the specific reason no longer exists, we have to let them go or they choose to leave.

Image found on Pinterest.

Sometimes events occur that make us sad or happy or angry and we can’t explain them or understand them but in the end we always learn from them. Those moments help us grow, discover new things about ourselves or change our lives in wonderful ways we never could have imagined.

Image courtesy of Jennifer Lambien for Textured Home found on Pinterest.

Wherever you are in life, whoever you may be with, is exactly where you should be. That will probably change. Be open to whatever comes your way whether it is comfortable or whether it pushes you to try something new.

Life is an adventure and it’s not always our place to question but to simply embrace and accept. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and believe that if life is tough now, it will get better. If life is good, be happy and grateful.

Image courtesy of Studio3ten found on Pinterest.

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