Stop The Madness!

Image courtesy of The Inspired Boutique found on Pinterest.

Your body will change a million times before you leave this earth. It will grow, get bruises, scraps and scars. It will be get bigger sometimes and sometimes smaller. Your skin will stretch leaving marks behind. You will develop moles or beauty spots. Sometimes your skin will have acne and sometimes will be perfectly clear. You may break bones or get sick. You’ll get wrinkles and grey hair. You will age.

Image courtesy of The Body Love Boss found on Pinterest.

Will you be at war with yourself through every change and metamorphosis your body goes through or can you learn to embrace the change and love your body anyway? We can sometimes hide the changes through hair dye and Botox but you can’t hide it all so why not just go with the flow, thank your body for its service and hard work and care for it lovingly and with gratitude.

Image found on Pinterest, source unknown.

Be Pretty, Plus And Proud and be thankful you’re alive to experience life through all the changes of getting older. Some are not blessed with that time. Stop the madness and love your body and get on with enjoying this wonderful thing called life!

Image courtesy of The Sierra Guide found on Pinterest.

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