What Are You Proud Of?

Image courtesy of Peptalks by Lindsey Eryn found on Pinterest.

Today think about something you are really proud of. Did you handle a recent difficult situation calmly and rationally? Did you do a good deed for someone who needed help? Were you kind to someone who wasn’t expecting it? Did you do something nice for yourself? Did you do some volunteer work? Did you cook a new recipe? Did you figure out your child’s homework problem? Did you try a new hobby or step out of your comfort zone in some way?

Image courtesy of Nuriaflanders found on Pinterest.

You don’t have to have accomplished big things to feel pride. Any little step towards change or positivity is a win and worth feeling good about. Give yourself a pat on the back and Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of everything you do that may be challenging or for everyone towards whom you’ve shown your support, your patience, your kindness and encouragement. You are amazing and don’t forget it!

Image courtesy of http://www.lifehack.org found on Pinterest.

7 thoughts on “What Are You Proud Of?

  1. elcieloyelinfierno says:

    Very good and motivating entry !! Encouraging on your part, a change in some attitudes, with which he faces life and its circumstances on a daily basis, seems wonderful to me. Giving what you give benefits many. Successes. A warm greeting.

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