How Far Are You Willing To Go?

We have been raised in a society that values outer appearance. It’s fine to want to look your best but how far are you willing to take that desire?

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Are you willing to starve yourself and restrict what you eat? Are you willing to obsess over the calories, points or nutrition labels until you can hardly think of anything else? Are you willing to get surgery or the fat sucked out of you? Are you willing to spend most of your waking hours manipulating your body to fit into societal standards? Are you willing to be miserable and live a joyless life all for the sake of “looking good”?

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Is it really worth it to obtain the body society thinks is acceptable? What will it cost you financially, emotionally, mentally and physically?

Enjoy food because it nourishes your body, gives you strength and endurance and allows you to live the life you truly want. Move your body in ways that you enjoy because your body will be able to better do all the things you want it to. Don’t restrict yourself because then you will crave what you deny yourself. When you know it’s there for you to eat, you won’t crave it or consume it all in one sitting.

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Listen to how your body feels and satisfy it accordingly. Give your body what it needs and get on with enjoying your life. Stop the diet mentality. Stop caring about what other people think or say. Who made them the boss of you? You are in charge of your body so Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and do whatever feels right for you.

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Be your own perfectly imperfect self and listen to your own opinion. It’s the only one that truly matters!


2 thoughts on “How Far Are You Willing To Go?

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 I AM Both a Nigger and a Fatty, Fatty, Fat; as a Nigger Boy I Like Me Girlys a little Plus Size yet the Skinny Stick works well too…it ALL about PAM (Perception Attitude MindSet); if SHE!!! Seizes My Heart then We ARE Good To Go…


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