Rejoice For Someone Else’s Success!

When other people experience success, we should be happy for them. We should not take pleasure in other people’s pain but be a source of encouragement through difficult times. Why do we get excited and spread evil gossip when others fall? That is not what a good Christian should do. That’s not what a good human should do. That’s not what any of us should be doing.

Make the choice today to be a source of inspiration and motivation to anyone who needs a little extra help. Make the choice to be encouraging, compassionate, kind and helpful to anyone less fortunate than yourself. Refuse to take part in malicious talk or actions that are hurtful and damaging to those on the receiving end of such vileness.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and choose to be a good human today, not one that just you can be proud of, but that anyone who knows you, can be proud of too!

Images courtesy of KJV Bible App.

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