Celebrate Yourself!

Image courtesy of http://www.lovethispic.com on Pinterest!

Today is the day you will celebrate yourself. Take some time today to reflect on all the things you’ve accomplished, all the wonderful relationships you’ve developed and all the experiences you’ve had. I bet your life is more full and blessed than you realize.

Image courtesy of http://www.zazzle.com and designed by “Saywhatyoulike“ found on Pinterest!

Every day wonderful things happen. A loved one gives you a hug, a cardinal perched on your porch rail, a flower bloomed in your garden, the sun shined through the clouds and you got through another day no worse for wear. Maybe you got a promotion at work today. Maybe a stranger complimented you. Maybe you had a delicious cup of coffee. Maybe you loved your outfit or your hair today.

Image courtesy of http://www.bronzemagonline.com found on Pinterest!

Do something to celebrate how amazing you are and how blessed your life is today. Maybe yesterday sucked. Maybe tomorrow will be full of challenges but find joy in today no matter how small or big. Find time to love on yourself today because you deserve attention and care.

Image shared by Sandeep on Pinterest!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and see and appreciate this beautiful day and your beautiful self! You are enough and you are worthy!

Image courtesy of http://www.antimaximalist.com found on Pinterest!

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