Your Body, Your Choice

Everyone always has an opinion of someone else. We all do it. We make random comments on what someone is wearing or how they styled their hair or on how many tattoos cover their skin. We judge people based on how they look. We make assumptions about them based on their size, weight, race, gender, age and skin colour. The fact remains though that your body is YOURS and whatever choices you make for yourself are your business and nobody else’s.

YOU choose what to wear or how to style your hair. YOU decide what to eat and how much. YOU decide when you want to move your body or how much to move. YOU decide whether you want tattoos, piercings or body modifications. It’s YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE! Rest assured that you are capable, worthy, good enough and deserving of whatever kind of life you envision for yourself no matter what you look like on the outside. None of that superficial stuff counts when it comes to your talents, intelligence or abilities.

There will be people who doubt you. There will be people who scoff at you or make fun. There will be people with opinions that will hurt you and make you question yourself. There will be people who will try to erode your confidence. DO NOT LET THEM TEAR YOU DOWN! Their ignorance and disrespect is their weakness and your disregard for them is your strength.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and leave those who have negative opinions of you behind in the dust of your success and happiness.

*If you are involved in self-harm or destructive behaviour, that is not okay. Seek immediate professional medical attention.*

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