Your body is like a magic lamp. It holds all kinds of wonderful things inside and when you care for it, magical things can be accomplished. Some days you may not feel very equipped, energized or motivated to do much of anything. On days when I feel like that, I think of all the people who wish they could do the stuff I do in a day and that inspires me to get up and get moving. I’m not comparing myself to anyone else nor do I allow myself to feel bad if I can’t accomplish the same things as everyone else (I do have MS after all) but I do allow comparison to jolt me into action to do what I can.

My body may be bit broken but it can still do lots of things. It can clean my home, walk around the block, do yoga, complete an hour cardio (seated) and stretching exercise class, ride a bike, swim, light gardening, slow dance, drive, pick berries, write and create. Sometimes I have to rest between jobs and it may take me a bit longer to get things done but I do it anyways. Sometimes my back hurts or my legs feel weak. Sometimes I am fatigued, but I do it anyways for all the people who can’t and wished they could. If I allowed these things to stop me, I would spend life sprawled on my couch and that is not how I want to spend my time here on earth. Every day is a blessing and I refuse to let it pass me by, not achieving anything. Sometimes when I am feeling my worst, getting up and doing stuff helps me feel better. When I’m in a negative headspace, getting a task checked off my to-do list helps me feel more positive.

So for today, no matter how you may feel or what challenges you may be facing, try getting up anyway. Try to do something and Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of yourself and the magical vessel that is your body.

*If you are feeling overwhelmed and are struggling mentally or physically, seek professional medical care.*

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