Tuck the Shirt In

As a plus size woman I have always bought my clothing a bit oversized. I didn’t want t-shirts clinging to my fat rolls. I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable with people seeing my lumps and bumps so I’ve never worn a crop top or even tucked a shirt into jeans. At the beach I wear a bathing suit that doesn’t show skin in the tummy area although I did get brave a few years ago and bought a two piece. I just made sure both parts met in the middle. I don’t wear form fitting dresses either. With all that being said, I don’t hate my body. I do love myself most days but there’s always that tiny voice whispering in my ear, “What are other people thinking or saying abut how I look?”.

Where do these ideas come from that it’s not okay to show skin or to be embarrassed by our plus size bodies? Why does it have to be this way? Why has society made plus size people feel shame over their size and shape? We are all imperfect. What your body looks like is not an indicator of your health. I know very slim people who have had very serious health issues and I know larger people who have no health issues at all. The opposite is true as well. Also I know some slim people who aren’t what you would normally consider attractive and some larger women who are absolutely stunning. Beauty, your worth and what you deserve are not determined by your physical attributes. Beauty comes through in your acts of kindness, how you treat people, your moral compass and the values by which you live your life. If you practice self-care by consuming healthy food most of the time and moving your body as often as you are able, then your size and shape, I believe, is simply the way you were born to be.

So I say let’s start a fashion revolution! Let’s tuck our shirts in. Let’s show some skin. Let’s not let that whispering voice erode our confidence and self-love. Accept and respect our bodies and wear whatever makes us happy. Wear bright colours. Wear body hugging clothing. Wear a two piece bathing suit and let our tummies see the sun. Wear short skirts and shorts. Wear what YOU love and don’t let a misguided society influence your choices or how you feel about yourself! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and be you, whatever that may look like! You are wonderful, amazing and beautiful no matter what you choose to wear or how you style it. It is your choice but don’t let other peoples’ ignorance, disrespect or negativity affect how you want to present yourself.

2 thoughts on “Tuck the Shirt In

  1. elcieloyelinfierno says:

    Discrimination is an evil of this age! Not only with overweight people, but also by skin color, religion, ethnicity … even by their face. That each one thinks about what he is worth inside and will go far in what he sets out to do. A warm greeting,

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