Unplug Yourself

Before I begin today’s post I want to take a brief moment to honour my beautiful daughter who turned twenty on Friday. She doesn’t like a lot of attention so for her privacy I won’t post any photos but I want the world to know I have the smartest, kindest, strongest, bravest, sweetest and most beautiful daughter in the whole world. I love her with all my heart and she was the best birthday gift I have ever received as my birthday is the day after hers. Together we had a lovely weekend celebrating with the family. Happy 20th birthday “my sunshine, my only sunshine”!

Now on to today’s post. We as a society in general spend far too much time looking at screens; TV, phones and computers. We see images of people, their lives, the things they do, their homes and family and we automatically compare ourselves and their lives to our own. Most of the time we fall short. We think we’re not as pretty, our homes aren’t as nice and their lives are so much more exciting then our own. We think they have it all together and we are a hot mess.

In reality those images are a mere glance, a small speck in time of their lives. They show us only what they want us to see. The rest of the time, they are just like us; messy hair, messy house, messy lives. As I always say, comparison is the thief of joy. We don’t really know the true journey of anyone we choose to watch on social media. Behind the scenes I’m quite sure they live a life very similar to mine or yours. They get sick, take care of ill family members, they have bills to pay, they lose people, they eat, sleep and dream just like all of us. They are human and make mistakes. They are not perfect and shouldn’t be idolized.

Today’s task: I am challenging you to unplug from all screens for at least 10 minutes. Why? While computers and phones are a necessary part of our lives these days and definitely have their plus side, there is also some very negative side effects of too much screen time. It can cause stress, anxiety, loneliness, physical pain and insomnia. Unplugging from screens and all forms of technology helps you to reconnect with yourself and your surroundings.

Learn to be comfortable in your own company doing something fun and/or meaningful to your mental, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual self. What can you do with this quiet time?

You can…

  • read a book or the newspaper (hard copy, not digital)
  • solve a crossword puzzle
  • doodle or draw
  • colour in a colouring book
  • write down your thoughts/journaling
  • go for a walk
  • talk to people around you (make a human connection)
  • make something yummy to eat
  • walk the dog
  • do some gardening
  • go for a bike ride
  • bird watch
  • do a craft (knit, crochet, build models, paint, sew)
  • put together a jigsaw puzzle

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and be present in your life. Don’t hide yourself behind a screen wishing for things to be the same as what you watch. Your life can be just as good as anyone you see on social media. You just have to get up and make it happen remembering all the while that social media personalities are just a mask for what’s really happening behind the scenes, a life full of ups and downs much like your own. Approval from anyone whether it be the likes you get from your Instagram posts or the compliments you get from real people can’t make you happy unless you learn to love yourself first and stop comparing yourself to people you think are better. They’re not and you’re good enough just as you are! Spending time away from the screens and being active in your real life will help you understand where self-love comes from; within yourself!

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