How many times have you said, “I can’t wait until…”? We spend a lot of time looking forward to the future. So much time in fact that we often forget to reflect on the past and appreciate how far we’ve come, what we’ve accomplished and the experiences we’ve been a part of. Today I want you to think of a past accomplishment that you were particularly proud of or that made you feel good about yourself and happy within. Take a break from focusing on tasks yet to be done, on goals yet to be fulfilled, adventures yet to be planned. Look backwards instead and be proud of all that you have already done.

Why would you do this? Every accomplishment no matter how big or small is worth recognizing and being proud of. When you think of everything you’ve managed to get done, it can serve to inspire you and motivate you for the future. It can give you confidence. You did it once before, you can do it again. Thinking of past successes can be empowering. Focusing on your talents, accomplishments and everything you’re good at, takes your mind off of the things you claim not to like about yourself; your size, shape, “flaws”. Putting emphasis on the things that are important, your inner qualities, will help you realize that’s where your true beauty lies.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of everything you’ve done thus far and all the things waiting for you in your future, ready to be slayed just like you’ve done before.

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