Life Motto

Sometimes we get too serious about life and forget to have fun. We get so wrapped up on making a living, paying bills, making sure are kids are occupied and engaged in activities and school, doing yard work and house repairs and caring for elderly patients. While all of that is a necessary part of life, we have to also remember that life is about the experiences we create, the memories we make and the adventures we participate in. How do you want to be remembered? Do you want people to say you were a hard worker but never around? Do you want people to say you were so serious and never laughed or had fun? Personally, I want people to say that I lived a good and happy life. I want people to think of me as someone who smiled a lot, that I was kind and helpful and that I left behind a map of how to enjoy life.

Dream big.

Use kind words.

Say I love you.

Giggle and be silly.

Say please and thank you.

Be grateful.

Keep your promises.

Help others.

Take a moment to breathe.

Try new things.


This is the life motto we should all strive to achieve. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and live your life to the fullest right now. That perfect time to live out your dreams, to be happy, to be full of joy and to experience all this world has to offer is right now.

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