How To Stop Stinking Thinking

This is advice I need to follow today. We received news of another total lockdown; only essential services open, not allowed to leave home unless absolutely necessary i.e. doctor appointments, pharmacy, groceries, no social distance visits, no haircuts, no travelling. This pandemic has been raging on for over a year now with no stopping in the foreseeable future. In fact our numbers of active cases continues to rise here in Ontario and vaccines seem to be slow in coming. It’s hard to remain upbeat in an environment where you are so restricted. I feel trapped and tired.

I know I have much to be grateful for and there are still lots of things to be happy about. I am blessed beyond measure that my family is all healthy and safe. I am lucky my daughter and her partner were able to be home during these most recent lockdowns unlike last year where they were four hours away and I was unable to see them for well over three months. I have a roof over my head and food in my belly. The weather is warming up so time outdoors will occur more frequently. With all that being said, I am still sad that I haven’t been able to spend any real quality time with family and friends. I miss my NS family, friends and east coast summer living by the ocean as this will be my second summer not being able to travel to the home of my heart. I miss making appointments without the fear of having to miss them with another lockdown looming over my head. My heart is heavy for all the small businesses who are struggling to remain alive despite the lack of funds. I’m sad for all the children young and old missing out on wonderful in person school experiences, trips, learning opportunities, proms and graduations. I miss going anywhere without a mask over my face. I’m tired of home projects and trying to find stuff to do to occupy the hours.

Am I whining? A bit. Are my feelings selfish and self-centred? Perhaps. But aren’t all feelings valid, good or bad? I believe so. Some days you just can’t help what you feel. Sometimes it’s joy. Sometimes it’s sadness and sometimes it’s anger. It’s all ok. What can we do with those negative emotions is the question for we don’t want to get stuck in a place of despair. We have to find a way to climb out of the rabbit hole and get on with life whether it’s in lockdown or free. Below are some suggestions for pulling you out of a funk and back on the positivity train. Hopefully, if you’re feeling like me, these ideas will help us all feel better and stop our stinking thinking:

Let’s Be Pretty, Plus and Proud, keep our chin up and our spirits high. We can get through this together. Remember to be kind, patient, understanding and tolerant. You don’t know what turmoil other people are suffering with especially during these difficult days of Covid. Smile at someone today, do something for someone today or say something nice to someone today. It may be the very thing they need to get trough the day without falling apart.

*If your feelings are too overwhelming please seek out help with a doctor, therapist or support group!*

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