Practice What I Preach Fail

Most of my posts talk about positivity; How to get it, how to maintain it and what to do when you’re not feeling it. Today I fell very flat on practicing what I preach. The day started with notice of another lockdown which includes no personal care businesses allowed to be open aka no haircuts! First, this is my birthday month and of course I was looking forward to a refresh of my hair so I feel and look my best for my special day. Also I feel shutting down small businesses is so unfair. I am safer at my hairdresser’s shop (works from home in a space separate from her living space, only takes one client at a time and cleans thoroughly in between customers) then I am at a Walmart or Costco. Also, small businesses have struggled to remain afloat and another shutdown may not be manageable. So this news put me into a funk.

Next came a letter from my doctor informing me of his retirement. I have MS and it is not easy to transfer doctors. Not everyone is willing to take on my problems. The receptionist will remain the same so hopefully the transition will be a smooth one but change like this can be stressful.

After all this negative news, my mood was not positive and unfortunately my family was on the receiving end of my foulness. So today I let negative thoughts and worries get the best of me. I guess I can only say sorry to all who were affected by my cranky attitude and continue to try to do better coping with unexpected turns of events.

I am far from perfect and today definitely proved that. I’m going to try making a list in my journal of things I can do to cope with changes in plans so that I can be more positive and not be a pain to the people around me. What do you do in times of stress, frustration, anger or sadness? Even though bloggers (like myself) or social media influencers portray a perfect image of self-love and positivity, we are all human and I’m sure I’m not alone in having off days.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone thinking they have it all together so much better than you do. I guarantee you that they are no different then you. They have their share of problems and bad days too so don’t believe in the images they choose to show you. The one or two images published is just a very small moment of their life. They get cranky, they have messy homes and they don’t do everything they preach 100% of the time.

After spending some time out with my daughter and her partner I felt better and a little retail therapy helped too (I know, not the best coping mechanism but I’m going to work on that). My daughter reminded me that at least this year she’s home for my birthday and that is a wonderful thing so regardless of how my hair looks, I will be spending the day with the people I love the most and what better way to spend a birthday then that. I will Be Pretty, Plus and Proud throughout the coming changes while also working on keeping a stiff upper lip and an upbeat attitude but I won’t pretend or profess to be perfect for I am only human after all.

Every day brings a new opportunity to try again! Tomorrow is my chance to start fresh!

13 thoughts on “Practice What I Preach Fail

  1. Mamalava says:

    I really enjoy the vibe of your blog! I believe there is always a silver lining… sometimes it may take quite a bit of effort to uncover, but there can also be joy in the search 🙂 Thanks for the list of 31 things…

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