What’s Holding You Back?

Do you have scars, stretch marks, fat rolls, disabilities or moles? Does your outer appearance hold you back from doing things you love? Does how you look keep you from venturing out and trying new things? Why?

Why are we so hung up on other people’s opinions of us? Why do we care so much what other people think or say about us? We don’t know most of the people we’re so worried about. We’ll likely never see them again so why do we care that they want to share their negativity? We must remember that when people stare or are rude, that is a reflection of the ugliness within them and has nothing to do with us.

It doesn’t matter what you look like. Your body can still do everything you want it to despite its “flaws”. So many people live through and thrive after horrific accidents, illnesses, trauma and birth “abnormalities”. They push past their limits to prove to the world they will not let their outer appearance hold them back or keep them from enjoying all life has to offer. If they can do it then surely everyone can.

Start small, maybe wearing a sleeveless shirt around the house until you realize the joy and freedom of your arms being free that you won’t want to cover up even when you step outside the door. Wear a bathing suit to the beach and frolic in the waves. Try out a two piece as you get more comfortable in the surf and sand. Start with knee length shorts gradually raising the hemline, letting your legs feel the warmth of the sun. Focus on the fun you’re having and not what you think other people may be thinking about you. In all likelihood, they haven’t even noticed you, too caught up in their own enjoyment of the day. If someone dares to be so bold as to stare or say something try using humour to deflect their ignorance or simply walk away and ignore them. Don’t give them the satisfaction of being bothered by what they do. Don’t let anyone bully or shame you into not doing the things you love.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and live your best life now. Don’t wait a moment longer to have fun, to laugh, to enjoy and to make memories that you can look back on fondly and share with those you love.

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