Redefining Beauty

We dress our little girls up and teach them to be princesses. We play makeup with them, curl their hair and let them dress up with Mommy’s shoes. We tell them they look so pretty. While all that may be fun, are we teaching them that beauty lies in how they look with their twirly dresses, pink lips and tiaras? What else should we be doing for them?

Affirmations that focus on who children are and not what they look like!

We need to teach our daughters that beauty does not in fact lie in how they look. Nor is beauty something we should aspire to be if it only includes our outer appearance. We need to teach our girls to be strong, to be bold and to be silly. They need to know how to be independent and intelligent. We need to be examples of bravery and teach them to be fierce. Little girls need to know how to be real in a world that puts value on being fake.

We need to celebrate their talents and accomplishments. We need to push them to try things that may be out of their comfort zones so they don’t fear testing their limits. We need to make sports, sciences and math just as much fun as ballet, playing dolls and parading in pageants.

We need to redefine beauty and make it about who we are on the inside and not what people see on the outside. If we can do this, we will have a generation of women that won’t have to struggle with body image to be happy and successful. They will have learned to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud without ever doubting their value or worth when they look in the mirror.

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