Do Your Best

What does it mean to do your best? Does it mean you work yourself to the bone to the point of exhaustion and/or mental breakdown? Does it look the same every day or with every challenge? I have always encouraged my daughter, my husband or anyone I know to always just do your best when faced with difficult situations like tests, work issues or relationship issues with friends or family. However, to answer the questions, doing your best does not mean you exhaust yourself nor does it always look the same.

Doing your best looks different every day. Sometimes you’ve had a restless night so you get up weary and without motivation. Doing your best on days like this may simply mean you get up and keep it simple. Maybe you do a bit of tidying up or maybe you watch Netflix. Maybe you take a shower or maybe you opt out. Maybe you get stuff done and maybe you don’t. Whatever happens, it’s ok. You do whatever feels right to you and only you can judge what you can or can not do on the sleepy days.

Other days you may be full of energy and you whirl around accomplishing everything on the to-do list. Your best on those days means getting it done. Or maybe it’s a beautiful day and you want to leave the chores behind and get outside. Your best is enjoying fresh air and sunshine and that’s ok too.

Every day and every situation and every individual has different definitions of doing your best. Only you can determine what that looks like or means to you. The only time you’re not doing your best is when you give up without trying, when you are lazy for no good reason or when you feel entitled and think other people should be doing things for you instead of you doing it for yourself. There’s a difference between can’t and won’t.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and do your best as best you can. Always be kind. Don’t assume someone else will do what you’re supposed to do. Ask for help if you can’t do something. Don’t give up unless you’ve tried. Don’t compare yourself to others, remembering everyone’s abilities and journeys are different. Today my best is getting a blog posted. What does your best look like today? Whatever the day holds for you and however you feel, I hope it’s a wonderfully blessed day!


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