Anti-Bullying Week

First, let me say that I think it’s very disturbing that we have to dedicate a specific time to address an issue that shouldn’t exist in the first place. It’s sad, disheartening and frustrating that people have so little regard for others. Unfortunately though, this is our reality. There are people who, I think, have little to no self-love and they have to share how miserable they are with the vulnerable and lonely by intimidating them, making them afraid or hate who they are. They bully because they have no self-confidence. They bully because they have emotions they don’t know what to do with. They bully because they are not happy. They bully because they are jealous.

People of all ages get bullied. Children in grade school get teased and picked on if they don’t fit into a certain crowd, for the clothing they wear, how they talk, how well they perform in academic studies or athletics, where they live, their economic situation, their family life, where they live and for a whole lot of other very unimportant things. Adults get bullied by friends, family, co-workers and spouses. They get bullied if they don’t fit into society’s idea of what beauty and success look like. They get tormented if they don’t do what they are told to do. They get shunned if they don’t meet other people’s unrealistic expectations. The elderly get bullied because they are the most vulnerable and often can’t defend themselves or advocate for themselves.

If you are the victim of bullying, first know that it is not your fault. You are the victim and nothing you said or did made you deserve such treatment. It is not about you. You must tell someone; a trusted friend, family member, co-worker, teacher, parent, police, clergy, anyone you know who will have your back and have the power to help. Don’t keep silent. Remove yourself if you can from the situation and the person causing the problem. Seek professional help to learn how to cope not just with the abuse but with the feelings provoked from such bad treatment. Above all else, stand up for yourself. Have people around you who support you and who love you unconditionally.

Check out Pinterest for lots of great advice on subjects like;

  • How to raise children so they don’t become bullies.
  • How to diffuse a bully.
  • What to do if you’re being bullied.
  • How to deal with toxic people, young and old.
  • How to help your kids be strong advocates for themselves in tough situations.
  • How to deal with bullies in the workplace.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and always be kind. If you are a bully, ask yourself why. What satisfaction do you get from being mean? Remember that your actions are a reflection of who you are and say way more about you then the person you are trying to make miserable. If you witness bullying, step in and help the victim. Do not stand by and do nothing because that makes you just as guilty as the bully. It’s only by standing together that bullies can be defeated.

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