Happy February! <3

Another new month is about to unfold, the month of love. Who knows what the days ahead will have in store for us. Hopefully, an end to quarantine and being able to see some people would be nice. Aside from that, it’s a time to be especially diligent about making sure the people in our lives know they are loved and cared for. It’s a time to put our kindness cap on and spread it around like confetti. A new month may mean new goals, new plans, new ideas, new projects and new experiences awaiting us. I like to look back at the previous month and assess how well my plans and goals were accomplished and if they are something I should/can continue working on or are there things that can be shelved for now to make room for the new.

Looking through Pinterest, I found a few interesting images for the month of February:

If you were born in this month of love do the points below fit your personality?

If you’re looking for new journaling ideas for the month, check out some of the journal prompts below:

Or if you are someone of faith and want to include more spirituality in your journaling, perhaps the ideas below will inspire you:

Finally, not only is February the month to show those closest to you how much you care about them, it’s also a time to show yourself some love. Use some of the affirmations below to motivate and inspire you to look at yourself in a whole new way; someone who gets things done, who is capable and talented, someone who is intelligent, someone who wears their own kind of beauty with confidence and someone who knows their worth and demands to be treated with dignity and respect.

*Just a note to say I don’t care for the curse words in this image but I included it because I thought the affirmations were powerful.*

Whatever the next 28 days brings to your plate, I hope it is a happy, peaceful, joyful and love filled month. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and remember to think positive and positive things will happen.


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