How To Build Your Self-Confidence

Feeling good about yourself, believing in yourself and loving yourself are difficult tasks but not impossible. It is a life long journey that wanes and intensifies as your life changes and unfolds over the years. Your journey isn’t simple nor is how you feel about yourself whether it be about how you look, the thoughts in your head, what you accomplish in life, the goals you establish and achieve, your dreams, your beliefs, morals and values. These are all things that will change as you age, sometimes for the better and other times not so much, depending on your experiences and relationships. The only thing that can and should stay the same is your ongoing work to accept and embrace who you are throughout any and all the moments that make up your life. Never give up trying to love the skin you’re in because you are worthy and deserving of love, respect and positive self-esteem. The fight to feel good about who you are is worth the effort and hard work.

Follow the tips below to build your self-esteem and love who you are not despite how you look but because of how you look, beautiful and amazing!

  • Spend time alone. Be comfortable in your own company. Know that you don’t need lots of people around you to feel happy and fulfilled. Be alone for a bit to get to know who you really are. What do you enjoy doing? What are your favourite parts of yourself? What are your dreams? Learn about yourself before you get to know anyone else. Knowing who you are and accepting yourself is crucial before you can love and accept someone else.
  • Stop people pleasing. Have the courage to say no to things you don’t want to do. Speak up for yourself when it comes to your life choices. Don’t allow your relationships to be all about making other people happy and comfortable. You need to feel those things too. You deserve to feel those things.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to become complacent and comfortable but you can’t grow by staying in one place. Push yourself to do new things. You never know what you may enjoy or be good at if you don’t try.
  • Stop trying to be perfect. No one is perfect. We’re human so unless you come from a different planet, being perfect is a task you will never achieve. Just do and be your best self and that’s good enough.
  • Never speak badly about yourself. Don’t say anything to or about yourself that you wouldn’t say to your best friend or loved family member. You deserve as much love and attention as you give out.
  • List things you love about yourself. The list may start small but with daily practice your list will grow. Ask friends for help if you’re stuck at first.
  • Stop second guessing yourself. Trust your instincts and go forth with confidence that you are capable of making good choices.
  • Learn to say no. Never do anything you’re not comfortable doing or excited about. Never let anyone guilt you into doing what they want. Please yourself first.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of who you are! Everything about you, from the inside to the outside, is fabulous, so step forward looking fierce and in love with yourself!

Your body does so much for you so give it a break and show it some love! Make it proud!

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